Stonepark soocer leage u-11

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Blue Star440022111112
3Magic Estudiantes4301308229
4Toros Neza4211171167
5Magic Dallas320116886
6Magic Newells Old Boys22006156
8Melrose Beez4202171706
9Magic lanus31112212104
11Kicker'z Stone Park41031223-113
12America Jr.4103337-343
14 Barcelona4004535-300
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Toros Neza7v1 Barcelona
Santos3v7Magic Estudiantes
Melrose Beez1v9Magic Dallas
Blue Star6v4Galacticos
Monterrey1v9Magic Estudiantes
America Jr.0v18Audax
Kicker'z Stone Park2v14Magic lanus
Santos3v6Blue Star
Barcelona2v7Kicker'z Stone Park
Magic lanus6v8Audax
Melrose Beez1v5Magic Newells Old Boys
Toros Neza2v3Magic Dallas
America Jr.1v12Magic Estudiantes
Melrose Beez10v1 Barcelona
Magic lanus2v2Toros Neza
America Jr.2v1Kicker'z Stone Park
Galacticos0v1Magic Newells Old Boys
Blue Star3v2Magic Estudiantes
Santos5v4Magic Dallas
Melrose Beez5v2Kicker'z Stone Park
Toros Neza6v5Monterrey
Galacticos2v7Blue Star
America Jr.0v6Audax

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