Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Daniel Karlsson431029161310
3David Andersson4211242137
4Sebastian Nurmi41122223-14
5Michael Leimer41122124-34
6Åsa Wigforss41122124-34
7Daniel Holm41121827-94
8Tomas Davies40131629-131
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Alexander8v8Tomas Davies
Michael Leimer8v8David Andersson
Åsa Wigforss8v8Sebastian Nurmi
Daniel Holm8v8Daniel Karlsson
Alexander9v3Tomas Davies
David Andersson9v3Åsa Wigforss
Daniel Karlsson9v3Michael Leimer
Sebastian Nurmi9v3Daniel Holm
Alexander7v2Tomas Davies
Åsa Wigforss7v2Sebastian Nurmi
Daniel Karlsson7v2Daniel Holm
Michael Leimer7v2David Andersson
Alexander5v3Tomas Davies
David Andersson5v3Michael Leimer
Daniel Holm5v3Åsa Wigforss
Daniel Karlsson5v3Sebastian Nurmi

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