Stockport Metro JFL under 10's A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bollington Utd Bullets22007166
2Richmond Rovers Skys22006426
3Great Moor County Panthers21104044
4Juno Utd Jaguars21105234
5Spurley Hey Clarets21102024
6Inter Cheadle JFC East21017253
7Richmond Rovers Clarets210145-13
8Cheadle & Gatley Hurricanes210145-13
9Nomads 1201156-11
10Macclesfield Rufc200225-30
11Cheadle & Gatley Tornadoes200217-60
12Stockport Dynamoes Stripes2002010-100

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Great Moor County Panthers4v0Richmond Rovers Clarets
Juno Utd Jaguars3v0Stockport Dynamoes Stripes
Cheadle & Gatley Tornadoes1v2Richmond Rovers Skys
Richmond Rovers Skys4v3Nomads 1
Cheadle & Gatley Hurricanes3v1Macclesfield Rufc
Juno Utd Jaguars2v2Nomads 1
Spurley Hey Clarets0v0Great Moor County Panthers
Bollington Utd Bullets5v0Cheadle & Gatley Tornadoes
Richmond Rovers Clarets4v1Cheadle & Gatley Hurricanes
Macclesfield Rufc1v2Bollington Utd Bullets
Stockport Dynamoes Stripes0v7Inter Cheadle JFC East
Inter Cheadle JFC East0v2Spurley Hey Clarets

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