Stirling Men's Darts Div 2 2018/19

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Royal Oak1616001652214332
2The Anchor ⚓161204113793424
3The Clansman161114108842423
41314 'B'16826109832618
5Back o'Hill168179795217
6Coyle's Lounge1672790102-1216
7Borestone Lounge16311264128-647
8Civil Defence Club16131262125-635

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Back o'Hill9v3BMSC
Civil Defence Club4v8The Anchor ⚓
Coyle's Lounge2v10Royal Oak
Borestone Lounge1v111314 'B'
1314 'B'5v7The Clansman
Borestone Lounge5v7Coyle's Lounge
Royal Oak7v0Civil Defence Club
The Anchor ⚓10v2Back o'Hill
Civil Defence Club6v6Borestone Lounge
The Clansman10v2BMSC
Back o'Hill1v11Royal Oak
Coyle's Lounge3v91314 'B'
The Anchor ⚓7v5The Clansman
1314 'B'8v4BMSC
Coyle's Lounge6v6Civil Defence Club
Borestone Lounge3v9Back o'Hill
Back o'Hill4v8Coyle's Lounge
BMSC2v10The Anchor ⚓
The Clansman2v10Royal Oak
Civil Defence Club3v91314 'B'
Borestone Lounge2v10The Clansman
Royal Oak11v1BMSC
1314 'B'5v7The Anchor ⚓
Civil Defence Club3v9Back o'Hill
BMSC5v7Borestone Lounge
The Clansman9v3Coyle's Lounge
The Anchor ⚓0v12Royal Oak
Back o'Hill5v71314 'B'
Borestone Lounge3v9The Anchor ⚓
Civil Defence Club3v9The Clansman
Coyle's Lounge8v4BMSC
1314 'B'4v8Royal Oak
BMSC7v5Civil Defence Club
The Anchor ⚓5v7Coyle's Lounge
The Clansman7v5Back o'Hill
Royal Oak11v1Borestone Lounge
BMSC3v9Back o'Hill
The Anchor ⚓7v5Civil Defence Club
Royal Oak11v1Coyle's Lounge
1314 'B'9v3Borestone Lounge
The Clansman8v41314 'B'
Coyle's Lounge8v4Borestone Lounge
Civil Defence Club0v12Royal Oak
Back o'Hill7v5The Anchor ⚓
Borestone Lounge8v4Civil Defence Club
BMSC2v10The Clansman
Royal Oak10v2Back o'Hill
1314 'B'6v6Coyle's Lounge
The Clansman2v10The Anchor ⚓
BMSC3v91314 'B'
Civil Defence Club5v7Coyle's Lounge
Back o'Hill7v5Borestone Lounge
Coyle's Lounge5v7Back o'Hill
The Anchor ⚓10v2BMSC
Royal Oak11v1The Clansman
1314 'B'10v2Civil Defence Club
The Clansman8v4Borestone Lounge
BMSC1v11Royal Oak
The Anchor ⚓8v41314 'B'
Back o'Hill10v2Civil Defence Club
Borestone Lounge7v5BMSC
Coyle's Lounge5v7The Clansman
Royal Oak9v3The Anchor ⚓
1314 'B'6v6Back o'Hill
The Clansman6v6Civil Defence Club
BMSC3v9Coyle's Lounge
The Anchor ⚓7v5Borestone Lounge
Royal Oak9v31314 'B'
Civil Defence Club8v4BMSC
Coyle's Lounge5v7The Anchor ⚓
Back o'Hill5v7The Clansman
Borestone Lounge0v12Royal Oak

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