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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Borestone 'B'181521153639032
2The Clansman181512136706631
3Fallin Miners Welfare181323139726728
4Civil Defence Club181035122942823
5Vinney's Bar 'B'181116113981523
6Coyle's Lounge18837103108-519
8Borestone Lounge18311479137-587
9Crossed Peels18211558143-855
10Allan Bridge 'C'18101771135-642

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Borestone 'B'9v3Coyle's Lounge
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7Civil Defence Club
Crossed Peels2v10BMSC
Fallin Miners Welfare8v4The Clansman
Vinney's Bar 'B'7v5Borestone Lounge
Borestone Lounge3v9Coyle's Lounge
Vinney's Bar 'B'9v3Fallin Miners Welfare
The Clansman7v0Crossed Peels
BMSC7v5Allan Bridge 'C'
Civil Defence Club5v7Borestone 'B'
Crossed Peels2v10Vinney's Bar 'B'
Coyle's Lounge6v6Civil Defence Club
Borestone 'B'10v2BMSC
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7The Clansman
Fallin Miners Welfare9v3Borestone Lounge
BMSC4v8Coyle's Lounge
Borestone Lounge3v9Civil Defence Club
Fallin Miners Welfare7v0Crossed Peels
Vinney's Bar 'B'7v5Allan Bridge 'C'
The Clansman5v7Borestone 'B'
Borestone 'B'10v2Vinney's Bar 'B'
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7Fallin Miners Welfare
Civil Defence Club8v4BMSC
Coyle's Lounge5v7The Clansman
Crossed Peels4v8Borestone Lounge
Vinney's Bar 'B'6v6Coyle's Lounge
The Clansman8v4Civil Defence Club
Borestone Lounge6v6BMSC
Crossed Peels7v5Allan Bridge 'C'
Fallin Miners Welfare6v6Borestone 'B'
Civil Defence Club8v4Vinney's Bar 'B'
Coyle's Lounge3v9Fallin Miners Welfare
Borestone 'B'11v1Crossed Peels
BMSC3v9The Clansman
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7Borestone Lounge
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7Borestone 'B'
Crossed Peels4v8Coyle's Lounge
Fallin Miners Welfare8v4Civil Defence Club
Vinney's Bar 'B'8v4BMSC
Borestone Lounge3v9The Clansman
The Clansman7v5Vinney's Bar 'B'
BMSC3v9Fallin Miners Welfare
Civil Defence Club9v3Crossed Peels
Coyle's Lounge7v0Allan Bridge 'C'
Borestone 'B'11v1Borestone Lounge
Coyle's Lounge3v9Borestone 'B'
Civil Defence Club11v1Allan Bridge 'C'
BMSC6v6Crossed Peels
The Clansman7v5Fallin Miners Welfare
Borestone Lounge4v8Vinney's Bar 'B'
Coyle's Lounge8v4Borestone Lounge
Fallin Miners Welfare11v1Vinney's Bar 'B'
Crossed Peels4v8The Clansman
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7BMSC
Borestone 'B'5v7Civil Defence Club
Vinney's Bar 'B'7v0Crossed Peels
Civil Defence Club6v6Coyle's Lounge
BMSC2v10Borestone 'B'
The Clansman7v0Allan Bridge 'C'
Borestone Lounge4v8Fallin Miners Welfare
Coyle's Lounge7v5BMSC
Civil Defence Club9v3Borestone Lounge
Crossed Peels4v8Fallin Miners Welfare
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7Vinney's Bar 'B'
Borestone 'B'6v6The Clansman
Vinney's Bar 'B'4v8Borestone 'B'
Fallin Miners Welfare10v2Allan Bridge 'C'
BMSC4v8Civil Defence Club
The Clansman9v3Coyle's Lounge
Borestone Lounge5v7Crossed Peels
Coyle's Lounge3v9Vinney's Bar 'B'
Civil Defence Club3v9The Clansman
BMSC7v5Borestone Lounge
Allan Bridge 'C'9v3Crossed Peels
Borestone 'B'7v5Fallin Miners Welfare
Vinney's Bar 'B'7v5Civil Defence Club
Fallin Miners Welfare10v2Coyle's Lounge
Crossed Peels3v9Borestone 'B'
The Clansman11v1BMSC
Borestone Lounge9v3Allan Bridge 'C'
Coyle's Lounge9v3Crossed Peels
Civil Defence Club6v6Fallin Miners Welfare
BMSC4v8Vinney's Bar 'B'
The Clansman8v4Borestone Lounge
Borestone 'B'11v1Allan Bridge 'C'
Vinney's Bar 'B'4v8The Clansman
Fallin Miners Welfare10v2BMSC
Crossed Peels5v7Civil Defence Club
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7Coyle's Lounge
Borestone Lounge2v10Borestone 'B'