Stirling Mens Darts Div 2 2015/16

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Allan Bridge 'A'181422147648330
2Linden In 'B'181242140716928
4Coyle's Lounge18945126903622
5Cross Keys 'A'181026117991822
6The Anchor18747110106418
7Allan Bridge 'C'18729109102716
8Back o'Hill188010109107216
10Cross Keys 'B'18001824177-1530

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Linden In 'B'9v3The Anchor
Clansman11v1Cross Keys 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'7v5Back o'Hill
Allan Bridge 'C'6v6Coyle's Lounge
BMSC5v7Allan Bridge 'A'
BMSC2v10Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys 'B'0v12Linden In 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'8v4Clansman
Back o'Hill9v3Allan Bridge 'C'
The Anchor3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
The Anchor6v6Clansman
Back o'Hill11v1Cross Keys 'B'
Coyle's Lounge8v4Cross Keys 'A'
Allan Bridge 'C'10v2BMSC
Allan Bridge 'A'5v7Linden In 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'2v10Allan Bridge 'C'
Back o'Hill5v7Clansman
Linden In 'B'8v4Coyle's Lounge
BMSC4v8The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'A'8v4Cross Keys 'A'
BMSC3v9Back o'Hill
Cross Keys 'B'0v12The Anchor
Cross Keys 'A'5v7Linden In 'B'
Clansman8v4Allan Bridge 'C'
Coyle's Lounge4v8Allan Bridge 'A'
Coyle's Lounge6v6Clansman
Linden In 'B'9v3BMSC
Cross Keys 'A'11v1Cross Keys 'B'
Allan Bridge 'C'7v5The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'A'11v1Back o'Hill
Coyle's Lounge7v5Back o'Hill
The Anchor6v6Cross Keys 'A'
Linden In 'B'5v7Allan Bridge 'C'
Allan Bridge 'A'7v0Cross Keys 'B'
Back o'Hill1v11Linden In 'B'
The Anchor6v6Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys 'B'1v11BMSC
Allan Bridge 'C'6v6Cross Keys 'A'
Allan Bridge 'A'11v1Clansman
Clansman6v6Linden In 'B'
The Anchor7v5Back o'Hill
Coyle's Lounge11v1Cross Keys 'B'
BMSC4v8Cross Keys 'A'
Allan Bridge 'C'2v10Allan Bridge 'A'
Linden In 'B'9v3Back o'Hill
Coyle's Lounge8v4BMSC
Allan Bridge 'A'8v4Allan Bridge 'C'
Cross Keys 'B'3v9Clansman
Clansman8v4The Anchor
Back o'Hill8v4Coyle's Lounge
Allan Bridge 'C'8v4Linden In 'B'
BMSC9v3Cross Keys 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'7v5Allan Bridge 'A'
The Anchor10v2BMSC
Coyle's Lounge7v5Allan Bridge 'C'
Cross Keys 'B'2v10Back o'Hill
Linden In 'B'8v4Cross Keys 'A'
Back o'Hill5v7The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'C'7v0Cross Keys 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'1v11Coyle's Lounge
Linden In 'B'6v6Allan Bridge 'A'
Clansman9v3Back o'Hill
The Anchor7v5Allan Bridge 'C'
Cross Keys 'B'3v9Cross Keys 'A'
Back o'Hill10v2BMSC
Allan Bridge 'A'8v4Coyle's Lounge
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7Clansman
Cross Keys 'A'8v4The Anchor
Coyle's Lounge6v6Linden In 'B'
BMSC2v10Allan Bridge 'C'
Cross Keys 'B'2v10Allan Bridge 'A'
Clansman3v9Cross Keys 'A'
Allan Bridge 'A'6v6The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'C'5v7Back o'Hill
Linden In 'B'7v0Cross Keys 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'8v4BMSC
Clansman3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
The Anchor3v9Linden In 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'0v12Coyle's Lounge
Back o'Hill7v5Cross Keys 'A'
Allan Bridge 'A'12v0BMSC
Linden In 'B'6v6Clansman
Coyle's Lounge7v5The Anchor
Cross Keys 'A'7v5Allan Bridge 'C'
BMSC1v11Linden In 'B'
Back o'Hill5v7Allan Bridge 'A'
Clansman7v5Coyle's Lounge
The Anchor8v4Cross Keys 'B'

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