Stirling Mens Darts Div 1 2017/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cold Beer Company870162342814
2Lion & Unicorn861166303613
3The Goth85035046410
4Holly Tree7331463889
5Allan Bridge 'B'73133747-107
6Vinney's Bar 'A'7304424206
7Allan Bridge 'A'72233945-66
8Tartan Arms72144044-45
91314 'A'72143945-65
101314 'B'71243351-184
11The Anchor70162658-321
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Cold Beer Company8v41314 'B'
The Anchor4v8Lion & Unicorn
1314 'A'5v7The Goth
Allan Bridge 'A'6v6Allan Bridge 'B'
Tartan Arms6v6Holly Tree
The Goth7v5Allan Bridge 'A'
Lion & Unicorn9v31314 'A'
1314 'B'4v8Vinney's Bar 'A'
Holly Tree4v8Cold Beer Company
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Tartan Arms
Cold Beer Company11v1Allan Bridge 'B'
Vinney's Bar 'A'4v8Holly Tree
1314 'A'9v3The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'A'2v10Lion & Unicorn
Tartan Arms5v7The Goth
The Goth5v7Cold Beer Company
Lion & Unicorn9v3Tartan Arms
The Anchor3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
Holly Tree6v61314 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Vinney's Bar 'A'
Cold Beer Company7v5Lion & Unicorn
Vinney's Bar 'A'5v7The Goth
1314 'B'7v5Allan Bridge 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'6v61314 'A'
Tartan Arms9v3The Anchor
The Goth8v41314 'B'
Lion & Unicorn9v3Vinney's Bar 'A'
The Anchor5v7Cold Beer Company
1314 'A'8v4Tartan Arms
Allan Bridge 'B'4v8Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar 'A'10v2The Anchor
The Anchor6v61314 'B'
Cold Beer Company9v31314 'A'
1314 'B'2v10Lion & Unicorn
Holly Tree8v4The Goth
Tartan Arms8v4Allan Bridge 'A'
1314 'A'5v7Vinney's Bar 'A'
The Goth5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
Lion & Unicorn6v6Holly Tree
Allan Bridge 'A'7v5Cold Beer Company

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