Stirling Mens Darts Div 1 2017/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cold Beer Company201712161798235
2Lion & Unicorn201523156847232
3The Goth2012261361043226
4Holly Tree2010551341062825
5Tartan Arms209471301102022
6Allan Bridge 'A'20758118122-419
71314 'A'207310117123-617
8Allan Bridge 'B'207310110130-2017
9Vinney's Bar 'A'205312106134-2813
101314 'B'20421484156-7210
11The Anchor20121768172-1044

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Tartan Arms7v5Cold Beer Company
Allan Bridge 'A'7v5Vinney's Bar 'A'
1314 'A'8v41314 'B'
The Anchor4v8Holly Tree
Lion & Unicorn8v4Allan Bridge 'B'
The Goth3v9Lion & Unicorn
Allan Bridge 'B'10v2The Anchor
Holly Tree6v61314 'A'
1314 'B'3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
Vinney's Bar 'A'2v10Tartan Arms
The Anchor6v6The Goth
Cold Beer Company9v3Vinney's Bar 'A'
Tartan Arms7v51314 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'3v9Holly Tree
1314 'A'9v3Allan Bridge 'B'
1314 'B'4v8Cold Beer Company
Lion & Unicorn10v2The Anchor
The Goth9v31314 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
Holly Tree6v6Tartan Arms
Allan Bridge 'A'6v6The Goth
1314 'A'5v7Lion & Unicorn
Vinney's Bar 'A'3v91314 'B'
Cold Beer Company8v4Holly Tree
Tartan Arms9v3Allan Bridge 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'2v10Cold Beer Company
Holly Tree8v4Vinney's Bar 'A'
The Anchor0v121314 'A'
Lion & Unicorn9v3Allan Bridge 'A'
The Goth9v3Tartan Arms
Cold Beer Company8v4The Goth
Tartan Arms5v7Lion & Unicorn
Allan Bridge 'A'10v2The Anchor
1314 'B'1v11Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar 'A'6v6Allan Bridge 'B'
Lion & Unicorn5v7Cold Beer Company
The Goth5v7Vinney's Bar 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'11v11314 'B'
1314 'A'4v8Allan Bridge 'A'
The Anchor2v10Tartan Arms
1314 'B'1v11The Goth
Vinney's Bar 'A'4v8Lion & Unicorn
Cold Beer Company9v3The Anchor
Tartan Arms6v61314 'A'
Holly Tree5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
1314 'A'2v10Cold Beer Company
The Anchor1v11Vinney's Bar 'A'
Lion & Unicorn9v31314 'B'
The Goth10v2Holly Tree
Allan Bridge 'A'6v6Tartan Arms
Vinney's Bar 'A'4v81314 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'5v7The Goth
Holly Tree4v8Lion & Unicorn
1314 'B'7v5The Anchor
Cold Beer Company9v3Allan Bridge 'A'
Cold Beer Company10v2Tartan Arms
Vinney's Bar 'A'6v6Allan Bridge 'A'
1314 'B'4v81314 'A'
Holly Tree8v4The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'B'6v6Lion & Unicorn
Lion & Unicorn4v8The Goth
The Anchor7v5Allan Bridge 'B'
1314 'A'3v9Holly Tree
Allan Bridge 'A'5v71314 'B'
Tartan Arms9v3Vinney's Bar 'A'
The Goth8v4The Anchor
Vinney's Bar 'A'6v6Cold Beer Company
1314 'B'2v10Tartan Arms
Holly Tree8v4Allan Bridge 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'8v41314 'A'
Cold Beer Company8v41314 'B'
The Anchor4v8Lion & Unicorn
1314 'A'5v7The Goth
Allan Bridge 'A'6v6Allan Bridge 'B'
Tartan Arms6v6Holly Tree
The Goth7v5Allan Bridge 'A'
Lion & Unicorn9v31314 'A'
1314 'B'4v8Vinney's Bar 'A'
Holly Tree4v8Cold Beer Company
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Tartan Arms
Cold Beer Company11v1Allan Bridge 'B'
Vinney's Bar 'A'4v8Holly Tree
1314 'A'9v3The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'A'2v10Lion & Unicorn
Tartan Arms5v7The Goth
The Goth5v7Cold Beer Company
Lion & Unicorn9v3Tartan Arms
The Anchor3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
Holly Tree6v61314 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Vinney's Bar 'A'
Cold Beer Company7v5Lion & Unicorn
Vinney's Bar 'A'5v7The Goth
1314 'B'7v5Allan Bridge 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'6v61314 'A'
Tartan Arms9v3The Anchor
The Goth8v41314 'B'
Lion & Unicorn9v3Vinney's Bar 'A'
The Anchor5v7Cold Beer Company
1314 'A'8v4Tartan Arms
Allan Bridge 'B'4v8Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar 'A'10v2The Anchor
The Anchor6v61314 'B'
Cold Beer Company9v31314 'A'
1314 'B'2v10Lion & Unicorn
Holly Tree8v4The Goth
Tartan Arms8v4Allan Bridge 'A'
1314 'A'5v7Vinney's Bar 'A'
The Goth5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
Lion & Unicorn6v6Holly Tree
Allan Bridge 'A'7v5Cold Beer Company

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