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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Goth2019011885213638
2Tartan Arms201622159718834
3The Holly Tree201424151896230
41314 'A'201334142984429
5Allan Bridge 'B'201244139964328
6Cold Beer Company207310112123-1117
71314 'B'206212109131-2214
8Vinney's Bar20511488152-6411
9Linden Inn 'A'20311682158-767
10Civil Defence Club20231567168-1017
11Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'20131668167-995

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Linden Inn 'A'7v5Civil Defence Club
Allan Bridge 'B'8v4The Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar5v7Cold Beer Company
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'6v61314 'B'
1314 'A'4v8Tartan Arms
The Goth12v0Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
The Holly Tree9v3Linden Inn 'A'
Civil Defence Club2v10Vinney's Bar
1314 'B'4v8Allan Bridge 'B'
Cold Beer Company5v71314 'A'
Tartan Arms8v4Cold Beer Company
Allan Bridge 'B'4v8The Goth
Vinney's Bar3v9The Holly Tree
Linden Inn 'A'9v31314 'B'
1314 'A'12v0Civil Defence Club
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'2v10Allan Bridge 'B'
Civil Defence Club1v11Tartan Arms
The Goth9v3Linden Inn 'A'
1314 'B'7v5Vinney's Bar
The Holly Tree5v71314 'A'
Cold Beer Company9v3Civil Defence Club
Linden Inn 'A'9v3Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Tartan Arms6v6The Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar0v12The Goth
1314 'A'9v31314 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'12v0Linden Inn 'A'
The Holly Tree8v4Cold Beer Company
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'5v7Vinney's Bar
1314 'B'5v7Tartan Arms
The Goth11v11314 'A'
Tartan Arms1v11The Goth
Civil Defence Club4v8The Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar2v10Allan Bridge 'B'
Cold Beer Company4v81314 'B'
1314 'A'9v3Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'4v8Tartan Arms
The Goth10v2Cold Beer Company
Linden Inn 'A'5v7Vinney's Bar
1314 'B'10v2Civil Defence Club
Allan Bridge 'B'6v61314 'A'
Cold Beer Company8v4Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Tartan Arms9v3Allan Bridge 'B'
Civil Defence Club2v10The Goth
The Holly Tree7v51314 'B'
1314 'A'7v5Linden Inn 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Cold Beer Company
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'6v6Civil Defence Club
Linden Inn 'A'1v11Tartan Arms
The Goth5v7The Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar5v71314 'A'
Civil Defence Club5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
Cold Beer Company9v3Linden Inn 'A'
The Holly Tree10v2Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Tartan Arms10v2Vinney's Bar
1314 'B'5v7The Goth
Civil Defence Club9v3Linden Inn 'A'
The Holly Tree10v2Allan Bridge 'B'
Cold Beer Company8v4Vinney's Bar
1314 'B'9v3Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Tartan Arms8v41314 'A'
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'3v9The Goth
Linden Inn 'A'4v8The Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar6v6Civil Defence Club
Allan Bridge 'B'10v21314 'B'
1314 'A'9v3Cold Beer Company
Cold Beer Company0v7Tartan Arms
The Goth9v3Allan Bridge 'B'
The Holly Tree9v3Vinney's Bar
1314 'B'10v2Linden Inn 'A'
Civil Defence Club2v101314 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'7v0Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Tartan Arms7v0Civil Defence Club
Linden Inn 'A'2v10The Goth
Vinney's Bar3v91314 'B'
1314 'A'6v6The Holly Tree
Civil Defence Club1v11Cold Beer Company
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'7v5Linden Inn 'A'
The Holly Tree4v8Tartan Arms
The Goth11v1Vinney's Bar
1314 'B'4v81314 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
Cold Beer Company3v9The Holly Tree
Vinney's Bar9v3Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Tartan Arms10v21314 'B'
1314 'A'3v9The Goth
The Goth7v5Tartan Arms
The Holly Tree9v3Civil Defence Club
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Vinney's Bar
1314 'B'6v6Cold Beer Company
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'4v81314 'A'
Tartan Arms9v3Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Cold Beer Company3v9The Goth
Vinney's Bar7v5Linden Inn 'A'
Civil Defence Club7v51314 'B'
1314 'A'6v6Allan Bridge 'B'
Linden Inn 'A'3v91314 'A'
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'3v9Cold Beer Company
Allan Bridge 'B'6v6Tartan Arms
The Goth11v1Civil Defence Club
1314 'B'5v7The Holly Tree
Cold Beer Company6v6Allan Bridge 'B'
Civil Defence Club6v6Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'
Tartan Arms10v2Linden Inn 'A'
The Holly Tree5v7The Goth
1314 'A'10v2Vinney's Bar
Vinney's Bar2v10Tartan Arms
Allan Bridge 'B'10v2Civil Defence Club
Linden Inn 'A'6v6Cold Beer Company
Fallin Miners Welfare 'A'1v11The Holly Tree
The Goth11v11314 'B'