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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Lion & Unicorn2221012075715042
2Milton Club221723179859436
3Menstrie BC2216241857910634
4Cold Beer Company221525171937832
6The Goth2212371431212227
7BMSC 'A'2211011128136-822
8Coyle's Lounge22521594170-7612
10Cross Keys22421699165-6610
12BMSC 'B'22102150214-1642

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Cross Keys6v6Clansman
The Goth7v5Coyle's Lounge
Cold Beer Company3v9Lion & Unicorn
Menstrie BC9v3Borestone
BMSC 'B'0v12Milton Club
13148v4BMSC 'A'
13148v4Menstrie BC
Coyle's Lounge8v4Cross Keys
Clansman2v10Cold Beer Company
Borestone3v9The Goth
Lion & Unicorn11v1BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'2v10Milton Club
Milton Club3v9Lion & Unicorn
The Goth6v61314
Cold Beer Company10v2Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys4v8Borestone
BMSC 'B'4v8Clansman
Menstrie BC12v0BMSC 'A'
Menstrie BC5v7The Goth
Clansman3v9Milton Club
13149v3Cross Keys
Borestone2v10Cold Beer Company
Coyle's Lounge8v4BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'3v9Lion & Unicorn
Lion & Unicorn10v2Clansman
Cross Keys5v7Menstrie BC
Milton Club11v1Coyle's Lounge
Cold Beer Company8v41314
BMSC 'B'5v7Borestone
The Goth9v3BMSC 'A'
The Goth9v3Cross Keys
Coyle's Lounge2v10Lion & Unicorn
Menstrie BC6v6Cold Beer Company
Borestone2v10Milton Club
131412v0BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'8v4Clansman
Milton Club7v51314
Clansman6v6Coyle's Lounge
Cold Beer Company10v2The Goth
Lion & Unicorn12v0Borestone
BMSC 'B'0v12Menstrie BC
Cross Keys2v10BMSC 'A'
Menstrie BC4v8Milton Club
13144v8Lion & Unicorn
Cross Keys3v9Cold Beer Company
The Goth10v2BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'8v4Coyle's Lounge
Lion & Unicorn5v7Menstrie BC
Milton Club6v6The Goth
Coyle's Lounge6v6Borestone
BMSC 'B'2v10Cross Keys
Cold Beer Company8v4BMSC 'A'
The Goth5v7Lion & Unicorn
Menstrie BC11v1Clansman
Cross Keys5v7Milton Club
13147v5Coyle's Lounge
Cold Beer Company10v2BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'9v3Borestone
Clansman5v7The Goth
Lion & Unicorn10v2Cross Keys
Coyle's Lounge0v12Menstrie BC
Milton Club7v5Cold Beer Company
Clansman6v6Cross Keys
Coyle's Lounge5v7The Goth
Lion & Unicorn8v4Cold Beer Company
Borestone1v11Menstrie BC
Milton Club11v1BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'3v91314
Menstrie BC10v21314
Cross Keys7v5Coyle's Lounge
Cold Beer Company10v2Clansman
The Goth7v5Borestone
BMSC 'B'1v11Lion & Unicorn
Milton Club7v5BMSC 'A'
Lion & Unicorn7v5Milton Club
13148v4The Goth
Coyle's Lounge3v9Cold Beer Company
Borestone3v9Cross Keys
Clansman8v4BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'4v8Menstrie BC
The Goth2v10Menstrie BC
Milton Club9v3Clansman
Cross Keys2v101314
Cold Beer Company10v2Borestone
BMSC 'B'5v7Coyle's Lounge
Lion & Unicorn11v1BMSC 'A'
Menstrie BC10v2Cross Keys
Borestone5v7BMSC 'B'
Coyle's Lounge2v10Milton Club
BMSC 'A'7v5The Goth
Clansman4v8Lion & Unicorn
13147v5Cold Beer Company
Cross Keys3v9The Goth
Lion & Unicorn10v2Coyle's Lounge
Cold Beer Company6v6Menstrie BC
Milton Club12v0Borestone
BMSC 'B'1v111314
Clansman3v9BMSC 'A'
13145v7Milton Club
Coyle's Lounge7v5Clansman
The Goth5v7Cold Beer Company
Borestone1v11Lion & Unicorn
Menstrie BC12v0BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'7v5Cross Keys
Milton Club5v7Menstrie BC
Lion & Unicorn11v11314
Cold Beer Company7v5Cross Keys
BMSC 'B'3v9The Goth
Coyle's Lounge4v8BMSC 'A'
Menstrie BC2v10Lion & Unicorn
The Goth6v6Milton Club
Borestone4v8Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys10v2BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'4v8Cold Beer Company
Lion & Unicorn9v3The Goth
Clansman3v9Menstrie BC
Milton Club10v2Cross Keys
Coyle's Lounge3v91314
BMSC 'B'1v11Cold Beer Company
Borestone2v10BMSC 'A'
Menstrie BC11v1Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys1v11Lion & Unicorn
BMSC 'A'11v1BMSC 'B'
Cold Beer Company5v7Milton Club
The Goth9v3Clansman