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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Menstrie Bowling Club981076324417
2Lion & Unicorn871069274215
3Cold Beer Company870169274214
4BMSC 'A'860257391812
6Milton Club8323524488
7The Goth93154860-127
9Tartan Arms72142559-345
11Cross Keys82063858-204
12Coyle's Lounge72053054-244
13BMSC 'B'80081680-640

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Coyle's Lounge5v7Menstrie Bowling Club
Cold Beer Company7v5The Goth
Borestone3v9Milton Club
BMSC 'B'1v11Lion & Unicorn
Tartan Arms2v10BMSC 'A'
131410v2Cross Keys
Menstrie Bowling Club8v4Cold Beer Company
Milton Club7v5Clansman
The Goth11v1Tartan Arms
Lion & Unicorn11v1Borestone
BMSC 'A'11v1BMSC 'B'
Cold Beer Company11v1Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys2v10Milton Club
Tartan Arms6v6Menstrie Bowling Club
Clansman5v7Lion & Unicorn
BMSC 'B'2v10The Goth
Borestone4v8BMSC 'A'
The Goth0v12Borestone
Milton Club6v61314
Lion & Unicorn8v4Cross Keys
Menstrie Bowling Club12v0BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'8v4Clansman
Clansman9v3The Goth
Borestone2v10Menstrie Bowling Club
Tartan Arms0v12Cold Beer Company
13146v6Lion & Unicorn
BMSC 'B'4v8Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys9v3BMSC 'A'
Coyle's Lounge7v5Borestone
The Goth7v5Cross Keys
Lion & Unicorn8v4Milton Club
Menstrie Bowling Club9v3Clansman
Cold Beer Company12v0BMSC 'B'
BMSC 'A'7v51314
BMSC 'B'5v7Tartan Arms
Cross Keys4v8Menstrie Bowling Club
Clansman7v5Coyle's Lounge
13149v3The Goth
Borestone4v8Cold Beer Company
Milton Club5v7BMSC 'A'
Coyle's Lounge4v8Cross Keys
Menstrie Bowling Club9v31314
Cold Beer Company7v5Clansman
The Goth6v6Milton Club
Tartan Arms8v4Borestone
BMSC 'A'3v9Lion & Unicorn
Cross Keys4v8Cold Beer Company
Milton Club5v7Menstrie Bowling Club
131412v0Coyle's Lounge
Clansman11v1Tartan Arms
Lion & Unicorn9v3The Goth
Borestone9v3BMSC 'B'