Stirling Darts League 2 2014/15

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Goth 'B'2421211989010844
21314 'B'2416261701185234
3Allan Bridge 'A'2415361641244033
5Back o'Hill2413561631253831
7Linden Inn 'B'2411310144144025
8Coyle's Lounge247710143145-221
9Cross Keys 'A'248412137151-1420
10The Anchor248313138150-1219
11Kilted Kangaroo246216117171-5414
12Hollytree 'B'24231994194-1007
13Cross Keys 'B'24141995193-986
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Allan Bridge 'A'7v5Linden Inn 'B'
Back o'Hill4v8Cross Keys 'A'
Cross Keys 'B'6v6Coyle's Lounge
Clansman6v61314 'B'
The Anchor12v0Hollytree 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo5v7Goth 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'4v8Allan Bridge 'A'
Linden Inn 'B'7v5Kilted Kangaroo
BMSC7v5The Anchor
Hollytree 'B'4v8Clansman
1314 'B'9v3Cross Keys 'B'
Coyle's Lounge6v6Back o'Hill
Coyle's Lounge5v7Cross Keys 'A'
Back o'Hill5v71314 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'6v6Hollytree 'B'
The Anchor5v7Goth 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo4v8Allan Bridge 'A'
1314 'B'9v3Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys 'A'8v4Kilted Kangaroo
Linden Inn 'B'5v7The Anchor
Goth 'B'9v3Clansman
BMSC11v1Cross Keys 'B'
Hollytree 'B'0v12Back o'Hill
1314 'B'10v2Cross Keys 'A'
Coyle's Lounge12v0Hollytree 'B'
Back o'Hill6v6BMSC
Cross Keys 'B'4v8Goth 'B'
Clansman8v4Linden Inn 'B'
The Anchor5v7Allan Bridge 'A'
BMSC6v6Coyle's Lounge
Hollytree 'B'3v91314 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo5v7The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'A'9v3Clansman
Linden Inn 'B'7v5Cross Keys 'B'
Goth 'B'9v3Back o'Hill
Hollytree 'B'7v5Cross Keys 'A'
1314 'B'5v7BMSC
Coyle's Lounge2v10Goth 'B'
Back o'Hill5v7Linden Inn 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'2v10Allan Bridge 'A'
Clansman7v5Kilted Kangaroo
Linden Inn 'B'6v6Coyle's Lounge
Goth 'B'10v21314 'B'
BMSC9v3Hollytree 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'6v6The Anchor
Kilted Kangaroo7v5Cross Keys 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'4v8Back o'Hill
BMSC9v3Cross Keys 'A'
Hollytree 'B'5v7Goth 'B'
1314 'B'8v4Linden Inn 'B'
Coyle's Lounge4v8Allan Bridge 'A'
Back o'Hill7v5Kilted Kangaroo
Clansman5v7The Anchor
Kilted Kangaroo4v8Coyle's Lounge
Linden Inn 'B'9v3Hollytree 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'8v41314 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'5v7Clansman
Goth 'B'10v2BMSC
The Anchor11v1Cross Keys 'B'
Goth 'B'7v5Cross Keys 'A'
BMSC9v3Linden Inn 'B'
Hollytree 'B'5v7Allan Bridge 'A'
1314 'B'9v3Kilted Kangaroo
Back o'Hill5v7The Anchor
Cross Keys 'B'1v11Clansman
Cross Keys 'A'8v4Cross Keys 'B'
Clansman6v6Back o'Hill
The Anchor5v7Coyle's Lounge
Kilted Kangaroo7v5Hollytree 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'6v6BMSC
Linden Inn 'B'5v7Goth 'B'
Linden Inn 'B'7v5Cross Keys 'A'
Goth 'B'9v3Allan Bridge 'A'
BMSC9v3Kilted Kangaroo
1314 'B'6v6The Anchor
Coyle's Lounge5v7Clansman
Cross Keys 'B'4v8Back o'Hill
Cross Keys 'A'6v6Back o'Hill
Coyle's Lounge8v4Cross Keys 'B'
1314 'B'7v5Clansman
Hollytree 'B'5v7The Anchor
Goth 'B'10v2Kilted Kangaroo
Linden Inn 'B'8v4Allan Bridge 'A'
Allan Bridge 'A'8v4Cross Keys 'A'
Kilted Kangaroo6v6Linden Inn 'B'
The Anchor3v9BMSC
Clansman12v0Hollytree 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'4v81314 'B'
Back o'Hill8v4Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys 'A'4v8Coyle's Lounge
1314 'B'5v7Back o'Hill
Hollytree 'B'10v2Cross Keys 'B'
Goth 'B'9v3The Anchor
Allan Bridge 'A'5v7Kilted Kangaroo
Cross Keys 'B'5v7BMSC
Coyle's Lounge5v71314 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo4v8Cross Keys 'A'
The Anchor3v9Linden Inn 'B'
Clansman4v8Goth 'B'
Back o'Hill8v4Hollytree 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'3v91314 'B'
Hollytree 'B'6v6Coyle's Lounge
BMSC2v10Back o'Hill
Goth 'B'12v0Cross Keys 'B'
Linden Inn 'B'5v7Clansman
Allan Bridge 'A'8v4The Anchor
Coyle's Lounge4v8BMSC
1314 'B'9v3Hollytree 'B'
The Anchor5v7Kilted Kangaroo
Clansman5v7Allan Bridge 'A'
Cross Keys 'B'5v7Linden Inn 'B'
Back o'Hill6v6Goth 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'10v2Hollytree 'B'
BMSC7v51314 'B'
Goth 'B'8v4Coyle's Lounge
Linden Inn 'B'4v8Back o'Hill
Allan Bridge 'A'9v3Cross Keys 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo2v10Clansman
Coyle's Lounge6v6Linden Inn 'B'
1314 'B'4v8Goth 'B'
Hollytree 'B'5v7BMSC
The Anchor7v5Cross Keys 'A'
Cross Keys 'B'6v6Kilted Kangaroo
Back o'Hill4v8Allan Bridge 'A'
Allan Bridge 'A'6v6Coyle's Lounge
Kilted Kangaroo5v7Back o'Hill
Goth 'B'10v2Hollytree 'B'
Cross Keys 'A'8v4BMSC
Linden Inn 'B'4v81314 'B'
The Anchor6v6Clansman
Coyle's Lounge5v7Kilted Kangaroo
1314 'B'7v5Allan Bridge 'A'
Hollytree 'B'5v7Linden Inn 'B'
BMSC6v6Goth 'B'
Clansman6v6Cross Keys 'A'
Cross Keys 'B'8v4The Anchor
Cross Keys 'A'7v5Goth 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo2v101314 'B'
Clansman7v5Cross Keys 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'6v6Hollytree 'B'
The Anchor4v8Back o'Hill
Linden Inn 'B'8v4BMSC
Coyle's Lounge8v4The Anchor
Hollytree 'B'5v7Kilted Kangaroo
BMSC4v8Allan Bridge 'A'
Goth 'B'9v3Linden Inn 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'6v6Cross Keys 'A'
Back o'Hill9v3Clansman
Cross Keys 'A'4v8Linden Inn 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'5v7Goth 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo5v7BMSC
The Anchor5v71314 'B'
Clansman3v9Coyle's Lounge
Back o'Hill7v5Cross Keys 'B'

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