Stirling Darts League 1 2014/15

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tartan Arms221741181839838
2Goth 'A'221741177879038
31314 'A'2217141838110235
4Hollytree 'A'2216241601045634
5Allan Bridge 'B'2213181441202427
6Rob Roy2210391381261223
7Linden Inn 'A'229211126138-1220
9Vinny's Bar225116106158-5211
10Dunblane Hotel224216105159-5410
11Civil Defence Club22331689175-869
12Fallin Miners Welfare22221880184-1046

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Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Civil Defence Club
Rob Roy3v91314 'A'
Foresters5v7Vinny's Bar
Dunblane Hotel4v8Tartan Arms
Hollytree 'A'5v7Linden Inn 'A'
Goth 'A'9v3Fallin Miners Welfare
Goth 'A'9v3Rob Roy
Foresters10v2Civil Defence Club
Dunblane Hotel7v5Allan Bridge 'B'
Vinny's Bar6v6Linden Inn 'A'
Tartan Arms10v2Fallin Miners Welfare
Hollytree 'A'3v91314 'A'
Hollytree 'A'8v4Rob Roy
Dunblane Hotel8v4Foresters
Linden Inn 'A'12v0Civil Defence Club
Fallin Miners Welfare1v11Allan Bridge 'B'
1314 'A'10v2Vinny's Bar
Tartan Arms6v6Goth 'A'
Rob Roy5v7Tartan Arms
Dunblane Hotel5v7Linden Inn 'A'
Foresters7v5Fallin Miners Welfare
Civil Defence Club4v81314 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'6v6Goth 'A'
Vinny's Bar4v8Hollytree 'A'
Vinny's Bar5v7Rob Roy
Linden Inn 'A'12v0Fallin Miners Welfare
1314 'A'10v2Dunblane Hotel
Foresters3v9Goth 'A'
Civil Defence Club4v8Hollytree 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'5v7Tartan Arms
Rob Roy4v8Allan Bridge 'B'
1314 'A'12v0Fallin Miners Welfare
Goth 'A'9v3Linden Inn 'A'
Dunblane Hotel6v6Hollytree 'A'
Tartan Arms8v4Foresters
Civil Defence Club4v8Vinny's Bar
Rob Roy7v5Civil Defence Club
Goth 'A'7v51314 'A'
Hollytree 'A'9v3Fallin Miners Welfare
Tartan Arms11v1Linden Inn 'A'
Dunblane Hotel4v8Vinny's Bar
Allan Bridge 'B'10v2Foresters
Foresters2v10Rob Roy
Hollytree 'A'6v6Goth 'A'
1314 'A'6v6Tartan Arms
Vinny's Bar11v1Fallin Miners Welfare
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Linden Inn 'A'
Civil Defence Club7v5Dunblane Hotel
Rob Roy8v4Dunblane Hotel
Tartan Arms11v1Hollytree 'A'
Vinny's Bar3v9Goth 'A'
1314 'A'8v4Allan Bridge 'B'
Fallin Miners Welfare6v6Civil Defence Club
Foresters4v8Linden Inn 'A'
Tartan Arms9v3Vinny's Bar
Civil Defence Club4v8Goth 'A'
1314 'A'12v0Foresters
Allan Bridge 'B'4v8Hollytree 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'8v4Rob Roy
Fallin Miners Welfare9v3Dunblane Hotel
Fallin Miners Welfare4v8Rob Roy
Allan Bridge 'B'8v4Vinny's Bar
Tartan Arms9v3Civil Defence Club
Foresters3v9Hollytree 'A'
Dunblane Hotel4v8Goth 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'4v81314 'A'
Civil Defence Club2v10Linden Inn 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Dunblane Hotel
Fallin Miners Welfare4v8Goth 'A'
Rob Roy5v7Hollytree 'A'
Foresters1v111314 'A'
Vinny's Bar5v7Civil Defence Club
Hollytree 'A'9v3Foresters
Goth 'A'6v6Tartan Arms
Dunblane Hotel7v5Fallin Miners Welfare
Linden Inn 'A'3v9Allan Bridge 'B'
Civil Defence Club2v10Allan Bridge 'B'
Fallin Miners Welfare5v7Linden Inn 'A'
Tartan Arms10v2Dunblane Hotel
Rob Roy4v8Goth 'A'
Vinny's Bar3v91314 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Fallin Miners Welfare
1314 'A'10v2Civil Defence Club
Hollytree 'A'9v3Vinny's Bar
Goth 'A'9v3Foresters
Dunblane Hotel6v6Rob Roy
Linden Inn 'A'3v9Tartan Arms
Civil Defence Club6v6Fallin Miners Welfare
Tartan Arms8v4Allan Bridge 'B'
Rob Roy9v3Linden Inn 'A'
Foresters7v5Dunblane Hotel
1314 'A'5v7Hollytree 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Rob Roy
Fallin Miners Welfare3v9Tartan Arms
Hollytree 'A'10v2Civil Defence Club
Goth 'A'8v4Vinny's Bar
Linden Inn 'A'6v6Foresters
Civil Defence Club5v7Tartan Arms
Rob Roy9v3Fallin Miners Welfare
Foresters5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
Vinny's Bar4v8Dunblane Hotel
1314 'A'4v8Goth 'A'
Fallin Miners Welfare2v10Foresters
Tartan Arms6v6Rob Roy
Goth 'A'5v7Hollytree 'A'
Dunblane Hotel5v71314 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'5v7Vinny's Bar
Civil Defence Club6v6Rob Roy
Foresters1v11Tartan Arms
Vinny's Bar4v8Allan Bridge 'B'
1314 'A'8v4Linden Inn 'A'
Hollytree 'A'10v2Dunblane Hotel
Allan Bridge 'B'4v81314 'A'
Fallin Miners Welfare9v3Vinny's Bar
Rob Roy11v1Foresters
Goth 'A'12v0Civil Defence Club
Linden Inn 'A'4v8Hollytree 'A'
Civil Defence Club5v7Foresters
Vinny's Bar2v10Tartan Arms
1314 'A'12v0Fallin Miners Welfare
Hollytree 'A'10v2Allan Bridge 'B'
Goth 'A'8v4Dunblane Hotel
Fallin Miners Welfare4v8Hollytree 'A'
Tartan Arms5v71314 'A'
Rob Roy7v5Vinny's Bar
Dunblane Hotel4v8Civil Defence Club
Linden Inn 'A'1v11Goth 'A'
Vinny's Bar5v7Foresters
1314 'A'5v7Rob Roy
Hollytree 'A'4v8Tartan Arms
Goth 'A'8v4Allan Bridge 'B'
Linden Inn 'A'7v5Dunblane Hotel

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