Stirling Darts Div 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Allan Bridge 'B'2422112117713445
2Rob Roy2421122127613643
4Allan Bridge 'A'2414281631253830
5Coyle's Lounge2412481691195028
6Goth 'B'241248145143228
7Back o'hill241149144144026
91314 'B'246315125163-3815
10Kilted Kangaroo245514119169-5015
11Linden 'B'245514114174-6015
13Cross Keys 'B'24122163225-1624

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Coyle's Lounge8v4Linden 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'5v7Rob Roy
1314 'B'5v7Goth 'B'
Clansman8v4Kilted Kangaroo
Cross Keys 'B'0v12Hollytree
Rileys1v11Allan Bridge 'B'
Rob Roy10v2Rileys
Allan Bridge 'B'9v3Coyle's Lounge
Linden 'B'11v1Cross Keys 'B'
Back o'hill7v5Clansman
Kilted Kangaroo5v71314 'B'
Goth 'B'6v6Allan Bridge 'A'
Goth 'B'4v8Rob Roy
Allan Bridge 'A'10v2Kilted Kangaroo
1314 'B'5v7Back o'hill
Cross Keys 'B'1v11Allan Bridge 'B'
Coyle's Lounge11v1Rileys
Kilted Kangaroo4v8Goth 'B'
Rob Roy10v2Coyle's Lounge
Rileys12v0Cross Keys 'B'
Linden 'B'8v4Clansman
Hollytree11v11314 'B'
Back o'hill3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
Kilted Kangaroo1v11Rob Roy
Goth 'B'7v5Back o'hill
Allan Bridge 'A'4v8Hollytree
1314 'B'9v3Linden 'B'
Clansman1v11Allan Bridge 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'1v11Coyle's Lounge
Hollytree7v5Goth 'B'
Back o'hill6v6Kilted Kangaroo
Rob Roy10v2Cross Keys 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'9v31314 'B'
Linden 'B'6v6Allan Bridge 'A'
Back o'hill2v10Rob Roy
Kilted Kangaroo4v8Hollytree
Goth 'B'8v4Linden 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'3v9Allan Bridge 'B'
1314 'B'8v4Rileys
Clansman5v7Coyle's Lounge
Allan Bridge 'B'10v2Goth 'B'
Linden 'B'6v6Kilted Kangaroo
Hollytree7v5Back o'hill
Cross Keys 'B'3v9Clansman
Coyle's Lounge6v61314 'B'
Rileys2v10Allan Bridge 'A'
Goth 'B'9v3Rileys
Hollytree5v7Rob Roy
Back o'hill9v3Linden 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo3v9Allan Bridge 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'2v10Coyle's Lounge
1314 'B'11v1Cross Keys 'B'
Coyle's Lounge8v4Goth 'B'
Rileys5v7Kilted Kangaroo
Allan Bridge 'B'8v4Back o'hill
Linden 'B'3v9Hollytree
Rob Roy9v3Clansman
Cross Keys 'B'2v10Allan Bridge 'A'
Linden 'B'3v9Rob Roy
Hollytree8v4Allan Bridge 'B'
Back o'hill7v5Rileys
Kilted Kangaroo5v7Coyle's Lounge
Cross Keys 'B'12v0Goth 'B'
1314 'B'3v9Clansman
Cross Keys 'B'5v7Kilted Kangaroo
Coyle's Lounge10v2Back o'hill
Allan Bridge 'B'11v1Linden 'B'
Rob Roy11v11314 'B'
Clansman3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Rob Roy
Linden 'B'8v4Rileys
Hollytree7v5Coyle's Lounge
Back o'hill9v3Cross Keys 'B'
Goth 'B'8v4Clansman
1314 'B'5v7Allan Bridge 'A'
Rob Roy8v4Allan Bridge 'A'
Goth 'B'7v51314 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo10v2Clansman
Hollytree12v0Cross Keys 'B'
Linden 'B'3v9Coyle's Lounge
Allan Bridge 'B'12v0Rileys
Rileys2v10Rob Roy
Coyle's Lounge5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'5v7Linden 'B'
Clansman6v6Back o'hill
1314 'B'4v8Kilted Kangaroo
Allan Bridge 'A'5v7Goth 'B'
Rob Roy10v2Goth 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo5v7Allan Bridge 'A'
Back o'hill8v41314 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'12v0Cross Keys 'B'
Rileys2v10Coyle's Lounge
Goth 'B'7v5Kilted Kangaroo
Coyle's Lounge5v7Rob Roy
Cross Keys 'B'6v6Rileys
Clansman7v5Linden 'B'
1314 'B'4v8Hollytree
Allan Bridge 'A'7v5Back o'hill
Rob Roy9v3Kilted Kangaroo
Back o'hill7v5Goth 'B'
Hollytree8v4Allan Bridge 'A'
Linden 'B'6v61314 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'10v2Clansman
Coyle's Lounge12v0Cross Keys 'B'
Goth 'B'6v6Hollytree
Kilted Kangaroo6v6Back o'hill
Cross Keys 'B'1v11Rob Roy
1314 'B'3v9Allan Bridge 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'7v5Linden 'B'
Rob Roy6v6Back o'hill
Hollytree11v1Kilted Kangaroo
Linden 'B'6v6Goth 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'9v3Allan Bridge 'A'
Rileys5v71314 'B'
Coyle's Lounge5v7Clansman
Goth 'B'5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo6v6Linden 'B'
Back o'hill5v7Hollytree
Clansman9v3Cross Keys 'B'
1314 'B'6v6Coyle's Lounge
Allan Bridge 'A'8v4Rileys
Cross Keys 'B'3v91314 'B'
Rob Roy11v1Hollytree
Linden 'B'3v9Back o'hill
Allan Bridge 'B'7v5Kilted Kangaroo
Rileys2v10Goth 'B'
Coyle's Lounge3v9Allan Bridge 'A'
Goth 'B'6v6Coyle's Lounge
Kilted Kangaroo7v5Rileys
Back o'hill4v8Allan Bridge 'B'
Hollytree12v0Linden 'B'
Clansman2v10Rob Roy
Allan Bridge 'A'11v1Cross Keys 'B'
Rob Roy10v2Linden 'B'
Allan Bridge 'B'6v6Hollytree
Rileys5v7Back o'hill
Coyle's Lounge9v3Kilted Kangaroo
Goth 'B'9v3Cross Keys 'B'
Clansman8v41314 'B'
Kilted Kangaroo6v6Cross Keys 'B'
Back o'hill7v5Coyle's Lounge
Linden 'B'4v8Allan Bridge 'B'
1314 'B'4v8Rob Roy
Allan Bridge 'A'10v2Clansman
Rob Roy5v7Allan Bridge 'B'
Coyle's Lounge6v6Hollytree
Rileys5v7Linden 'B'
Cross Keys 'B'4v8Back o'hill
Clansman5v7Goth 'B'
Allan Bridge 'A'7v51314 'B'

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