Stirling Darts Div 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Tartan Arms2418422028611640
3Goth 'A'2418331979110639
41314 'A'2417251851038236
5Lion & Unicorn2415271681204832
6Linden 'A'24122101571312626
7Dunblane Hotel2410212133155-2222
9Vinney's Bar246315106182-7615
10FMW 'A'24421899189-9010
11FMW 'B'24421898190-9210
13Cross Keys 'A'24122186202-1164

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FMW 'A'2v101314 'A'
Lion & Unicorn2v10Foresters
Linden 'A'9v3Vinney's Bar
CDC7v5Cross Keys 'A'
Dunblane Hotel4v8BMSC
Goth 'A'12v0FMW 'B'
1314 'A'6v6Goth 'A'
FMW 'B'4v8Dunblane Hotel
BMSC9v3Tartan Arms
Cross Keys 'A'2v10Linden 'A'
Vinney's Bar3v9Lion & Unicorn
Foresters8v4FMW 'A'
Foresters3v91314 'A'
FMW 'A'10v2Vinney's Bar
Lion & Unicorn8v4Cross Keys 'A'
Tartan Arms9v3FMW 'B'
Dunblane Hotel3v9Goth 'A'
Vinney's Bar6v6Foresters
1314 'A'10v2Dunblane Hotel
Goth 'A'6v6Tartan Arms
FMW 'B'12v0CDC
BMSC9v3Linden 'A'
Cross Keys 'A'7v5FMW 'A'
Vinney's Bar1v111314 'A'
Foresters7v5Cross Keys 'A'
Lion & Unicorn2v10BMSC
Linden 'A'8v4FMW 'B'
CDC4v8Goth 'A'
Tartan Arms12v0Dunblane Hotel
FMW 'B'0v12Lion & Unicorn
Cross Keys 'A'4v8Vinney's Bar
1314 'A'3v9Tartan Arms
Dunblane Hotel7v5CDC
Goth 'A'5v7Linden 'A'
Cross Keys 'A'4v81314 'A'
FMW 'A'7v5FMW 'B'
Lion & Unicorn4v8Goth 'A'
Linden 'A'4v8Dunblane Hotel
CDC1v11Tartan Arms
FMW 'B'4v8Foresters
BMSC10v2Vinney's Bar
1314 'A'8v4CDC
Tartan Arms8v4Linden 'A'
Dunblane Hotel4v8Lion & Unicorn
Goth 'A'7v5FMW 'A'
Cross Keys 'A'2v10BMSC
Vinney's Bar8v4FMW 'B'
Foresters3v9Goth 'A'
FMW 'A'4v8Dunblane Hotel
Lion & Unicorn6v6Tartan Arms
Linden 'A'8v4CDC
Dunblane Hotel6v6Foresters
Goth 'A'10v2Vinney's Bar
FMW 'B'9v3Cross Keys 'A'
1314 'A'7v5Linden 'A'
CDC3v9Lion & Unicorn
Tartan Arms11v1FMW 'A'
BMSC9v31314 'A'
Goth 'A'9v3Cross Keys 'A'
Vinney's Bar8v4Dunblane Hotel
Foresters2v10Tartan Arms
Lion & Unicorn9v3Linden 'A'
Tartan Arms6v6Vinney's Bar
Dunblane Hotel8v4Cross Keys 'A'
1314 'A'6v6Lion & Unicorn
Linden 'A'9v3FMW 'A'
FMW 'B'1v111314 'A'
BMSC8v4Goth 'A'
Cross Keys 'A'1v11Tartan Arms
Vinney's Bar11v1CDC
Foresters6v6Linden 'A'
Lion & Unicorn10v2FMW 'A'
1314 'A'9v3FMW 'A'
Foresters4v8Lion & Unicorn
Vinney's Bar8v4Linden 'A'
Cross Keys 'A'6v6CDC
BMSC9v3Dunblane Hotel
FMW 'B'1v11Goth 'A'
Goth 'A'8v41314 'A'
Dunblane Hotel12v0FMW 'B'
Tartan Arms6v6BMSC
Linden 'A'10v2Cross Keys 'A'
Lion & Unicorn8v4Vinney's Bar
FMW 'A'4v8Foresters
1314 'A'10v2Foresters
Vinney's Bar5v7FMW 'A'
Cross Keys 'A'5v7Lion & Unicorn
FMW 'B'2v10Tartan Arms
Goth 'A'9v3Dunblane Hotel
Foresters6v6Vinney's Bar
Dunblane Hotel3v91314 'A'
Tartan Arms5v7Goth 'A'
Linden 'A'3v9BMSC
FMW 'A'8v4Cross Keys 'A'
1314 'A'9v3Vinney's Bar
Cross Keys 'A'5v7Foresters
BMSC8v4Lion & Unicorn
FMW 'B'3v9Linden 'A'
Goth 'A'11v1CDC
Dunblane Hotel4v8Tartan Arms
Vinney's Bar8v4Cross Keys 'A'
Tartan Arms8v41314 'A'
CDC6v6Dunblane Hotel
Linden 'A'7v5Goth 'A'
Lion & Unicorn10v2FMW 'B'
1314 'A'9v3Cross Keys 'A'
FMW 'B'6v6FMW 'A'
Goth 'A'7v5Lion & Unicorn
Dunblane Hotel3v9Linden 'A'
Tartan Arms11v1CDC
Linden 'A'3v9Tartan Arms
Foresters7v5FMW 'B'
Vinney's Bar0v12BMSC
CDC0v121314 'A'
Lion & Unicorn8v4Dunblane Hotel
FMW 'A'3v9Goth 'A'
BMSC11v1Cross Keys 'A'
FMW 'B'12v0Vinney's Bar
Goth 'A'10v2Foresters
Dunblane Hotel8v4FMW 'A'
Tartan Arms7v5Lion & Unicorn
CDC1v11Linden 'A'
Foresters3v9Dunblane Hotel
Vinney's Bar2v10Goth 'A'
Cross Keys 'A'6v6FMW 'B'
Linden 'A'5v71314 'A'
Lion & Unicorn10v2CDC
FMW 'A'3v9Tartan Arms
1314 'A'3v9BMSC
Cross Keys 'A'1v11Goth 'A'
Dunblane Hotel8v4Vinney's Bar
Tartan Arms7v5Foresters
Linden 'A'5v7Lion & Unicorn
Vinney's Bar3v9Tartan Arms
Cross Keys 'A'4v8Dunblane Hotel
Lion & Unicorn2v101314 'A'
FMW 'A'3v9Linden 'A'
1314 'A'7v5FMW 'B'
Goth 'A'6v6BMSC
Tartan Arms11v1Cross Keys 'A'
CDC9v3Vinney's Bar
Linden 'A'6v6Foresters
FMW 'A'3v9Lion & Unicorn

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