Stewartry Sunday League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Crown Inn14111268264234
2Swan Inn14111259283134
3Galloway Wanderers1474353223125
5Kirkcudbright Bay126153837119
6Morton Thistle1351762362616
8Sams Bar14111222101-794

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Twynholm1v4Swan Inn
Morton Thistle2v6Crown Inn
Swan Inn7v0Crown Inn
Twynholm0v0Galloway Wanderers
Glenkens0v0Galloway Wanderers
Galloway Wanderers5v3Crown Inn
Morton Thistle15v1Sams Bar
Kirkcudbright Bay3v1Swan Inn
Crown Inn8v1Sams Bar
Swan Inn5v3Galloway Wanderers
Crown Inn1v0Glenkens
Swan Inn8v0Sams Bar
Kirkcudbright Bay7v2Twynholm
Morton Thistle2v0Galloway Wanderers
Glenkens0v1Crown Inn
Sams Bar3v10Galloway Wanderers
Kirkcudbright Bay5v3Glenkens
Morton Thistle17v0Twynholm
Crown Inn8v1Swan Inn
Kirkcudbright Bay3v4Crown Inn
Swan Inn5v1Morton Thistle
Galloway Wanderers20v0Twynholm
Sams Bar2v4Glenkens
Morton Thistle1v2Swan Inn
Twynholm2v2Morton Thistle
Crown Inn8v2Twynholm
Sams Bar3v3Kirkcudbright Bay
Morton Thistle3v5Glenkens
Twynholm8v1Sams Bar
Kirkcudbright Bay0v2Galloway Wanderers
Swan Inn3v2Glenkens
Galloway Wanderers1v2Kirkcudbright Bay
Glenkens6v3Kirkcudbright Bay
Galloway Wanderers3v0Sams Bar
Kirkcudbright Bay1v7Crown Inn
Sams Bar2v8Morton Thistle
Swan Inn6v0Sams Bar
Galloway Wanderers3v2Morton Thistle
Crown Inn11v1Sams Bar
Crown Inn1v1Galloway Wanderers
Swan Inn6v3Kirkcudbright Bay
Kirkcudbright Bay2v1Morton Thistle
Galloway Wanderers3v2Glenkens
Swan Inn7v3Twynholm
Glenkens6v1Sams Bar
Twynholm1v6Crown Inn
Glenkens4v7Morton Thistle
Galloway Wanderers2v2Swan Inn
Kirkcudbright Bay6v1Sams Bar
Crown Inn4v1Morton Thistle
Sams Bar6v5Twynholm
Swan Inn2v1Glenkens

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