Star Cup Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Vlàklōskì Exîlavasoñ CT11005053
2Harquins PFFC11003123
3Burich AFC11002023
4The Burgs Wolf DZOY11002113
5Dwarfing Town United FC10101101
6Aalborg VOT Batoliski10101101
7FC Dungssbourg100112-10
8Warriors United FC100113-20
9Spyro City AFC100102-20
10Petaloski 100105-50
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Vlàklōskì Exîlavasoñ CT5v0Petaloski
The Burgs Wolf DZOY2v1FC Dungssbourg
Harquins PFFC3v1Warriors United FC
Dwarfing Town United FC1v1Aalborg VOT Batoliski
Spyro City AFC0v2Burich AFC

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