Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Ball Bruisers128042161151018
3Archy's Avengers13814234172628
4Here for Beer12804218165538
5Pitch Slap13805204162428
6Mitt Smashers12705256218387
7Brew Jays12705162168-67
8Toques & Mitts11614183160236
9Master Batters1360719218396
11Sweaty Pitches8404169133364
13Hard Ballers11407188227-394
14Vicious & Delicious143011169341-1723
15Multiple Scoregasms140014155355-2000

Viewed 74 times

6ixers13v13Archy's Avengers
6ixers20v5Master Batters
Toques & Mitts24v11Multiple Scoregasms
Pitch Slap19v8Multiple Scoregasms
Archy's Avengers25v28Alcoballics
Alcoballics17v19Master Batters
Ball Bruisers10v13Vicious & Delicious
Pitch Slap4v18Here for Beer
Pitch Slap11v23Master Batters
Hard Ballers6v27Ball Bruisers
Hard Ballers14v25Selects
Vicious & Delicious15v46Sweaty Pitches
Brew Jays7v16Master Batters
Brew Jays22v10Vicious & Delicious
Pitch Slap24v3Mitt Smashers
Ball Bruisers16v17Mitt Smashers
Toques & Mitts4v16Archy's Avengers
Here for Beer12v19Ball Bruisers
Multiple Scoregasms15v21Vicious & Delicious
Alcoballics13v15Here for Beer
Archy's Avengers10v6Master Batters
Ball Bruisers30v5Multiple Scoregasms
6ixers15v26Here for Beer
Archy's Avengers13v11Selects
Multiple Scoregasms7v29Here for Beer
Archy's Avengers22v5Vicious & Delicious
Master Batters9v19Sweaty Pitches
Multiple Scoregasms10v32Master Batters
Selects7v10Brew Jays
Archy's Avengers29v12Hard Ballers
6ixers18v11Brew Jays
Toques & Mitts20v15Here for Beer
Toques & Mitts19v316ixers
Pitch Slap15v9Archy's Avengers
Sweaty Pitches23v24Mitt Smashers
Vicious & Delicious20v19Mitt Smashers
Ball Bruisers13v9Pitch Slap
6ixers27v23Hard Ballers
Selects32v11Vicious & Delicious
Brew Jays12v11Multiple Scoregasms
Pitch Slap10v21Toques & Mitts
Alcoballics25v10Multiple Scoregasms
Ball Bruisers15v13Archy's Avengers
Vicious & Delicious6v27Master Batters
Ball Bruisers32v7Master Batters
Mitt Smashers24v29Brew Jays
Selects10v9Ball Bruisers
Here for Beer28v8Vicious & Delicious
Hard Ballers7v28Pitch Slap
Multiple Scoregasms19v33Mitt Smashers
Selects11v10Pitch Slap
Hard Ballers40v13Multiple Scoregasms
Sweaty Pitches7v15Toques & Mitts
Ball Bruisers32v86ixers
Mitt Smashers28v29Selects
Mitt Smashers32v16Alcoballics
Mitt Smashers12v7Master Batters
Brew Jays7v16Master Batters
Vicious & Delicious19v30Toques & Mitts
Sweaty Pitches16v26Hard Ballers
Multiple Scoregasms21v226ixers
Pitch Slap10v9Alcoballics
Brew Jays19v14Archy's Avengers
Archy's Avengers21v8Multiple Scoregasms
Ball Bruisers10v6Toques & Mitts
Mitt Smashers22v24Archy's Avengers
Multiple Scoregasms8v22Selects
Vicious & Delicious10v21Hard Ballers
Here for Beer13v7Brew Jays
Hard Ballers22v11Toques & Mitts
Vicious & Delicious15v27Alcoballics
Vicious & Delicious2v96ixers
Pitch Slap19v176ixers
Toques & Mitts23v9Brew Jays
Master Batters7v13Selects
Here for Beer5v19Mitt Smashers
6ixers23v24Sweaty Pitches
Brew Jays18v11Hard Ballers
Ball Bruisers3v9Alcoballics
Here for Beer24v10Selects
Sweaty Pitches9v12Pitch Slap
Archy's Avengers25v14Here for Beer
Mitt Smashers23v6Hard Ballers
Brew Jays11v5Alcoballics
Selects10v10Toques & Mitts
Sweaty Pitches25v9Multiple Scoregasms
Pitch Slap33v14Vicious & Delicious
Here for Beer19v18Master Batters

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