Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Pitch Slap11003314191
2Mitt Smashers1100236171
3Sweaty Pitches1100259161
4Archy's Avengers11002514111
5Brew Jays110011561
6Here for Beer21013343-101
7Toques & Mitts1010101000
9Ball Bruisers00000000
11Master Batters10011819-10
13Multiple Scoregasms1001925-160
14Hard Ballers1001623-170
15Vicious & Delicious10011433-190

Viewed 12 times

Archy's Avengers25v14Here for Beer
Mitt Smashers23v6Hard Ballers
Brew Jays11v5Alcoballics
Selects10v10Toques & Mitts
Sweaty Pitches25v9Multiple Scoregasms
Pitch Slap33v14Vicious & Delicious
Here for Beer19v18Master Batters

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