Staffel 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
11.FC Weißenfels II3300160169
2SG Teuchern / Nessa I32018716
3JSG Naumburg/NBC I310238-53
4Motor Zeitz3003113-120

Viewed 351 times

1.FC Weißenfels II7v0Motor Zeitz
SG Teuchern / Nessa I4v1JSG Naumburg/NBC I
1.FC Weißenfels II5v0SG Teuchern / Nessa I
Motor Zeitz0v2JSG Naumburg/NBC I
JSG Naumburg/NBC I0v41.FC Weißenfels II
Motor Zeitz1v4SG Teuchern / Nessa I

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