St Joes Lions Tournament

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Wixams 75111431116
2Kempston 750284415
3St Joes Lions 741296313
4Someries 724165110
5Sacred Heart 72325419
6Luton borough 722369-38
7CMKEA 71335506
8Someries Panthers7007017-170
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CMKEA 1v1Someries
Kempston 1v0Luton borough
Sacred Heart 1v0Someries Panthers
St Joes Lions 1v0Wixams
CMKEA 0v0Luton borough
Kempston 0v1Someries
Sacred Heart 0v1Wixams
St Joes Lions 3v0Someries Panthers
Someries 1v1Luton borough
Kempston 1v0CMKEA
Someries Panthers0v4Wixams
St Joes Lions 1v1Sacred Heart
Wixams 1v1Someries
Someries Panthers0v2Luton borough
Sacred Heart 0v1Kempston
Luton borough 2v0St Joes Lions
Wixams 2v0Kempston
Someries Panthers0v3CMKEA
Someries 1v2St Joes Lions
Luton borough 0v2Sacred Heart
Wixams 1v0CMKEA
Kempston 3v0Someries Panthers
Someries 0v0Sacred Heart
CMKEA 0v1St Joes Lions
Wixams 5v1Luton borough
Someries Panthers0v1Someries
Sacred Heart 1v1CMKEA
St Joes Lions 1v2Kempston

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