Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Morton Thistle20142484424244
3Kirkcudbright Bay20141561501143
5Stranraer Boswell20101976571931
7Park Athletic2071124974-2522
8Market Inn2070134884-3621
9Dalry Utd2051144086-4616
10Ship Inn2041154769-2213
11Cum Ye Inn2022163373-408

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Cum Ye Inn0v0Wigtown
Dalry Utd1v0Park Athletic
Wigtown6v2Morton Thistle
Ship Inn0v1Park Athletic
Morton Thistle1v0Park Athletic
Wigtown4v0Market Inn
Stranraer Boswell1v12Morton Thistle
Kirkcudbright Bay2v3Ferrytoon
Ship Inn0v1Dalry Utd
Ferrytoon1v0Ship Inn
Stranraer Boswell0v1Ferrytoon
Morton Thistle7v0Kirkcudbright Bay
Cum Ye Inn2v5Market Inn
Kirkcudbright Bay4v1Dalry Utd
Wigtown8v1Kirkcudbright Bay
Market Inn2v6Stranraer Boswell
Twynholm2v2Morton Thistle
Park Athletic1v0Cum Ye Inn
Park Athletic4v5Twynholm
Kirkcudbright Bay8v2Cum Ye Inn
Wigtown5v1Stranraer Boswell
Ferrytoon1v0Park Athletic
Dalry Utd5v2Cum Ye Inn
Market Inn7v5Twynholm
Stranraer Boswell2v3Twynholm
Ship Inn0v1Morton Thistle
Cum Ye Inn0v6Stranraer Boswell
Market Inn1v2Ferrytoon
Park Athletic7v2Ship Inn
Twynholm1v3Kirkcudbright Bay
Dalry Utd0v7Morton Thistle
Wigtown15v1Park Athletic
Stranraer Boswell1v3Kirkcudbright Bay
Market Inn4v2Ship Inn
Morton Thistle1v0Ferrytoon
Market Inn2v1Cum Ye Inn
Dalry Utd2v2Ferrytoon
Kirkcudbright Bay5v3Ship Inn
Stranraer Boswell8v3Park Athletic
Ship Inn6v1Cum Ye Inn
Dalry Utd0v4Wigtown
Market Inn0v6Morton Thistle
Kirkcudbright Bay1v0Park Athletic
Cum Ye Inn1v2Morton Thistle
Dalry Utd5v7Twynholm
Ship Inn0v1Wigtown
Ferrytoon9v4Cum Ye Inn
Stranraer Boswell8v3Ship Inn
Market Inn1v2Kirkcudbright Bay
Twynholm4v2Cum Ye Inn
Wigtown8v1Ship Inn
Dalry Utd3v1Market Inn
Cum Ye Inn1v2Kirkcudbright Bay
Twynholm7v2Stranraer Boswell
Park Athletic0v5Wigtown
Twynholm10v3Dalry Utd
Market Inn4v8Park Athletic
Ship Inn6v2Ferrytoon
Wigtown1v0Cum Ye Inn
Morton Thistle2v0Stranraer Boswell
Stranraer Boswell7v3Dalry Utd
Kirkcudbright Bay2v5Wigtown
Ship Inn3v3Twynholm
Cum Ye Inn3v5Park Athletic
Ferrytoon1v2Market Inn
Cum Ye Inn4v2Ferrytoon
Park Athletic4v1Stranraer Boswell
Dalry Utd2v1Market Inn
Ferrytoon2v1Kirkcudbright Bay
Morton Thistle7v4Twynholm
Stranraer Boswell1v2Wigtown
Dalry Utd2v7Ship Inn
Twynholm3v1Market Inn
Park Athletic3v7Ferrytoon
Cum Ye Inn3v6Ship Inn
Park Athletic1v3Market Inn
Morton Thistle6v3Dalry Utd
Kirkcudbright Bay4v1Twynholm
Park Athletic5v5Morton Thistle
Dalry Utd2v3Kirkcudbright Bay
Stranraer Boswell14v0Market Inn
Kirkcudbright Bay8v6Morton Thistle
Ship Inn3v6Market Inn
Ship Inn0v1Kirkcudbright Bay
Market Inn4v6Wigtown
Stranraer Boswell8v2Dalry Utd
Twynholm8v1Park Athletic
Morton Thistle1v0Cum Ye Inn
Cum Ye Inn2v2Twynholm
Ferrytoon4v3Morton Thistle
Park Athletic4v2Dalry Utd
Kirkcudbright Bay3v3Stranraer Boswell
Cum Ye Inn4v3Dalry Utd
Ship Inn0v1Stranraer Boswell
Stranraer Boswell3v1Cum Ye Inn
Morton Thistle5v1Ship Inn
Ferrytoon3v0Dalry Utd
Kirkcudbright Bay6v2Market Inn
Morton Thistle1v5Wigtown
Park Athletic1v2Kirkcudbright Bay
Wigtown6v0Dalry Utd
Ferrytoon1v3Stranraer Boswell
Morton Thistle7v2Market Inn
Twynholm8v4Ship Inn

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