Springbank premier league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mala f98102632317
2John l96212391414
3Alain y95221913612
4Karl o92431617-18
5Chris s91531519-47
6Steve r92341419-57
7Stu d91531420-67
9Half p92251220-86
10Steve g9135922-135

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Steve g2v2Steve r
Steve g0v3Chris s
Chris s2v2Nelsons
Chris s2v2Half p
Alain y3v1Nelsons
Karl o3v0Half p
John l3v0Steve g
Stu d1v3Half p
Mala f3v0Half p
Karl o3v0Steve g
Nelsons3v1Steve r
Alain y0v3Half p
Half p0v3John l
John l3v0Nelsons
Mala f3v0Nelsons
Alain y3v0Steve g
Nelsons2v2Stu d
Karl o2v2Steve r
Nelsons2v2Half p
Nelsons2v2Steve g
Half p1v3Steve g
Steve g2v2Stu d
Mala f2v2John l
Karl o2v2Chris s
Steve r2v2Chris s
Alain y2v2Stu d
Mala f3v0Chris s
Alain y3v1Chris s
Mala f3v0Steve r
John l2v2Stu d
Alain y3v0Steve r
Mala f3v1Karl o
John l3v1Steve r
Mala f3v0Stu d
Alain y2v2Karl o
Steve r3v0Stu d
John l3v0Karl o
Karl o1v3Stu d
John l3v1Chris s
Mala f3v0Alain y
Chris s2v2Stu d
Karl o2v2Nelsons
Half p1v3Steve r
Mala f3v0Steve g
Alain y3v1John l

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