Sports Lounge Singles Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Endaf Owens12100278423630
2Chris Smout971155352022
3Tom Williams1071259411822
4Sean Humber1263369511821
5Jamie Baines126246456820
6Aled Lloyd761051193219
7Brian Teagle1153362481418
8Wayne Edwards1353571591218
9Phil Coulson125256456817
10Marcel Cheetham124446060016
11Tom Manuel103344852-412
12Dan Smout103255050011
13Dan Stephens102354159-189
14Les Tinney122194080-407
15Lewis Penrose1201113783-461
16Jordan Williams80081169-580

Viewed 467 times

Brian Teagle3v7Sean Humber
Chris Smout6v4Lewis Penrose
Wayne Edwards9v1Les Tinney
Endaf Owens6v4Phil Coulson
Marcel Cheetham6v4Dan Smout
Dan Smout5v5Sean Humber
Dan Smout7v3Les Tinney
Jordan Williams1v9Marcel Cheetham
Phil Coulson4v6Sean Humber
Phil Coulson5v5Dan Stephens
Jordan Williams1v9Phil Coulson
Chris Smout6v4Phil Coulson
Jamie Baines5v5Sean Humber
Tom Williams7v3Lewis Penrose
Endaf Owens7v3Les Tinney
Tom Manuel6v4Lewis Penrose
Jamie Baines6v4Dan Smout
Wayne Edwards7v3Sean Humber
Jamie Baines8v2Chris Smout
Jamie Baines8v2Jordan Williams
Les Tinney4v6Dan Stephens
Jamie Baines5v5Dan Stephens
Sean Humber9v1Les Tinney
Tom Williams3v7Brian Teagle
Endaf Owens7v3Wayne Edwards
Aled Lloyd5v5Brian Teagle
Marcel Cheetham7v3Tom Williams
Marcel Cheetham7v3Tom Manuel
Brian Teagle6v4Dan Smout
Sean Humber8v2Dan Stephens
Dan Smout7v3Wayne Edwards
Dan Stephens5v5Wayne Edwards
Endaf Owens6v4Sean Humber
Tom Manuel5v5Phil Coulson
Lewis Penrose5v5Marcel Cheetham
Chris Smout8v2Les Tinney
Chris Smout9v1Dan Stephens
Brian Teagle10v0Jordan Williams
Brian Teagle5v5Marcel Cheetham
Brian Teagle6v4Lewis Penrose
Tom Williams8v2Jamie Baines
Phil Coulson7v3Lewis Penrose
Tom Manuel5v5Brian Teagle
Endaf Owens6v4Dan Stephens
Aled Lloyd8v2Lewis Penrose
Tom Manuel8v2Jamie Baines
Chris Smout7v3Wayne Edwards
Les Tinney3v7Tom Williams
Endaf Owens7v3Dan Smout
Tom Williams6v4Wayne Edwards
Endaf Owens4v6Tom Williams
Wayne Edwards10v0Jordan Williams
Aled Lloyd10v0Marcel Cheetham
Tom Williams5v5Dan Smout
Phil Coulson7v3Lewis Penrose
Endaf Owens4v6Chris Smout
Jamie Baines9v1Lewis Penrose
Tom Manuel5v5Wayne Edwards
Tom Manuel8v2Les Tinney
Marcel Cheetham4v6Jamie Baines
Les Tinney6v4Jordan Williams
Chris Smout5v5Sean Humber
Tom Williams7v3Sean Humber
Aled Lloyd7v3Wayne Edwards
Endaf Owens9v1Tom Manuel
Aled Lloyd7v3Jamie Baines
Phil Coulson6v4Marcel Cheetham
Dan Smout7v3Dan Stephens
Lewis Penrose2v8Wayne Edwards
Les Tinney8v2Lewis Penrose
Marcel Cheetham5v5Wayne Edwards
Brian Teagle7v3Jamie Baines
Aled Lloyd6v4Phil Coulson
Endaf Owens9v1Jordan Williams
Marcel Cheetham5v5Les Tinney
Tom Williams7v3Dan Stephens
Sean Humber8v2Jordan Williams
Sean Humber6v4Tom Manuel
Chris Smout6v4Dan Smout
Endaf Owens6v4Lewis Penrose
Dan Stephens7v3Tom Manuel
Wayne Edwards6v4Brian Teagle
Phil Coulson6v4Brian Teagle
Les Tinney2v8Aled Lloyd
Endaf Owens7v3Marcel Cheetham
Jamie Baines7v3Phil Coulson

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