Sports Lounge Singles Group 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John Vaughan 1192077334429
2Gaz Higgins1191173373628
3Andrew Jones1081173274625
4Kev Drury127236456823
5Mike Smout971163273622
6Mike Williams1062261392220
7Paul Allen1162360501020
8Tomos Lloyd124356159215
9Kelly Brooks133466169-813
10Kev Morris124085169-1812
11Lewis Jones103164555-1010
12Martin Gwilliam113174466-2210
13Andrew Moreton52213020108
14Jordan Smedley92163753-167
15Jake Williams112093872-346
16Dave Hughes100463664-284
17Adi Evans1101101694-781

Viewed 447 times

Jordan Smedley6v4Kev Morris
Martin Gwilliam3v7Kev Morris
Kelly Brooks2v8Andrew Jones
Martin Gwilliam6v4Kelly Brooks
Andrew Jones9v1Kev Morris
Mike Williams6v4Martin Gwilliam
Tomos Lloyd4v6John Vaughan
Tomos Lloyd10v0Adi Evans
Gaz Higgins7v3Paul Allen
Lewis Jones8v2Jake Williams
Jordan Smedley3v7Mike Smout
Mike Williams7v3Lewis Jones
Kev Drury7v3Adi Evans
Paul Allen5v5Andrew Jones
Kelly Brooks5v5Tomos Lloyd
Kelly Brooks4v6Kev Drury
Kelly Brooks10v0Adi Evans
Martin Gwilliam6v4Lewis Jones
Gaz Higgins10v0Kev Morris
John Vaughan 6v4Kev Drury
Dave Hughes5v5Gaz Higgins
Dave Hughes5v5Tomos Lloyd
Kev Morris3v7Tomos Lloyd
Mike Williams6v4Jordan Smedley
Mike Smout8v2Martin Gwilliam
Mike Smout8v2Lewis Jones
Mike Smout9v1Mike Williams
Jake Williams4v6Jordan Smedley
Jake Williams0v10John Vaughan
Martin Gwilliam7v3Dave Hughes
Tomos Lloyd7v3Paul Allen
Dave Hughes5v5Kelly Brooks
Paul Allen7v3Kev Drury
John Vaughan 9v1Adi Evans
John Vaughan 7v3Kelly Brooks
Mike Williams7v3Tomos Lloyd
Andrew Jones8v2Lewis Jones
Kev Drury7v3Andrew Moreton
Kev Drury6v4Kev Morris
Gaz Higgins6v4Mike Williams
Gaz Higgins6v4Lewis Jones
Jake Williams9v1Adi Evans
Andrew Jones8v2Dave Hughes
Kelly Brooks6v4Jake Williams
Mike Smout8v2Jake Williams
Mike Williams10v0Kev Drury
Gaz Higgins7v3Jordan Smedley
John Vaughan 8v2Paul Allen
Kev Morris8v2Adi Evans
Jake Williams9v1Martin Gwilliam
Lewis Jones6v4Tomos Lloyd
Andrew Jones8v2Jordan Smedley
Andrew Jones7v3Mike Smout
John Vaughan 7v3Kev Morris
Adi Evans2v8Paul Allen
Kev Drury7v3Dave Hughes
Paul Allen6v4Kelly Brooks
Gaz Higgins4v6Mike Smout
John Vaughan 8v2Dave Hughes
Mike Williams5v5John Vaughan
Gaz Higgins6v4Martin Gwilliam
Andrew Moreton5v5Kelly Brooks
Andrew Moreton9v1Adi Evans
Andrew Jones8v2Martin Gwilliam
Kev Morris8v2Kelly Brooks
Kelly Brooks6v4Dave Hughes
Kev Drury6v4Jordan Smedley
Lewis Jones2v8Kev Drury
Gaz Higgins9v1Jake Williams
Tomos Lloyd6v4Martin Gwilliam
Jake Williams3v7Paul Allen
Jordan Smedley5v5Tomos Lloyd
Paul Allen6v4Kev Morris
Andrew Moreton5v5Paul Allen
Andrew Moreton8v2Kev Morris
Mike Smout9v1Tomos Lloyd
Adi Evans5v5Dave Hughes
Adi Evans0v10Mike Williams
Mike Smout5v5Kev Drury
Kev Drury5v5Martin Gwilliam
Lewis Jones5v5John Vaughan
John Vaughan 6v4Jordan Smedley
Kev Morris7v3Jake Williams
Gaz Higgins7v3Andrew Jones
Paul Allen8v2Dave Hughes
Adi Evans1v9Lewis Jones
Gaz Higgins6v4Tomos Lloyd
Jake Williams1v9Andrew Jones
Mike Williams5v5Kelly Brooks

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