Spar Mid Wales League Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Rhayader Town 108202442026
6Bow Street95131913616
7Knighton Town105141515016
8Hay St Mary's94322012815
9Machynlleth 104151524-913
10Llandrindod Wells 93241325-1211
11Radnor Valley102351522-79
12Llanidloes Town 81341019-96
14Montgomery Town8107418-143
15Welshpool Town9108323-203
16Waterloo Rovers 00000000

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Radnor Valley1v2Aberaeron
Montgomery Town1v2Bow Street
Knighton Town3v2Tywyn/Bryncrug
Hay St Mary's4v0Machynlleth
Berriew3v0Radnor Valley
Tywyn/Bryncrug4v1Montgomery Town
Machynlleth 3v0Radnor Valley
Knighton Town3v1Welshpool Town
Carno3v0Bow Street
Rhayader Town 1v0Llanidloes Town
Berriew10v0Llandrindod Wells
Rhayader Town 2v0Knighton Town
Radnor Valley4v0Montgomery Town
Llandrindod Wells 1v3Machynlleth
Hay St Mary's2v0Llanrhaeadr
Bow Street1v1Rhayader Town
Aberaeron4v0Llanidloes Town
Welshpool Town0v2Carno
Berriew4v2Llanidloes Town
Radnor Valley4v2Tywyn/Bryncrug
Hay St Mary's1v1Aberaeron
Welshpool Town0v2Rhayader Town
Machynlleth 1v1Carno
Llandrindod Wells 2v0Knighton Town
Radnor Valley2v2Llanidloes Town
Machynlleth 0v3Llanrhaeadr
Berriew5v0Welshpool Town
Aberaeron3v3Llandrindod Wells
Rhayader Town 3v1Hay St Mary's
Montgomery Town0v2Knighton Town
Carno2v2Llanidloes Town
Bow Street3v1Machynlleth
Radnor Valley0v4Rhayader Town
Montgomery Town0v2Welshpool Town
Hay St Mary's3v0Llandrindod Wells
Berriew1v1Knighton Town
Llanidloes Town 2v0Welshpool Town
Llandrindod Wells 2v2Llanrhaeadr
Knighton Town4v1Machynlleth
Hay St Mary's4v5Carno
Bow Street3v1Radnor Valley
Aberaeron1v1Rhayader Town
Llandrindod Wells 4v0Llanidloes Town
Montgomery Town2v1Berriew
Llanrhaeadr7v0Welshpool Town
Knighton Town2v1Carno
Hay St Mary's1v1Radnor Valley
Aberaeron3v1Bow Street
Tywyn/Bryncrug2v2Radnor Valley
Rhayader Town 2v0Llanrhaeadr
Montgomery Town0v2Aberaeron
Llanidloes Town 2v2Hay St Mary's
Carno1v0Welshpool Town
Bow Street4v0Llandrindod Wells
Knighton Town0v3Berriew
Llandrindod Wells 1v0Welshpool Town
Hay St Mary's2v0Knighton Town
Machynlleth 2v1Aberaeron
Llanrhaeadr1v0Montgomery Town
Bow Street3v0Tywyn/Bryncrug
Berriew1v3Rhayader Town
Rhayader Town 5v0Machynlleth
Bow Street2v3Berriew

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