Spar Mid Wales Div 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Builth Wells 96032518718
3Borth United75201761117
5Dolgellau Athletic84221712514
6Llansantffraid Village 93331313012
7Churchstoke 83232520511
8Four Crosses831499010
9Newbridge on Wye73131619-310
10Presteigne St Andrews 82241019-98
11Dyffryn Banw8206617-116
14Forden United00000000
15Aber Uni100103-30
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Dyffryn Banw3v2Abermule
Penybont0v5Borth United
Llansantffraid Village 1v0Dyffryn Banw
Four Crosses1v3Kerry
Churchstoke 9v3Newbridge on Wye
Abermule6v1Presteigne St Andrews
Aber Uni0v3Builth Wells
Llansantffraid Village 1v1Abermule
Dolgellau Athletic2v0Penybont
Churchstoke 2v0Dyffryn Banw
Builth Wells 0v4Kerry
Borth United1v0Four Crosses
Llansantffraid Village 3v2Penybont
Kerry0v2Newbridge on Wye
Four Crosses1v2Borth United
Dyffryn Banw1v3Presteigne St Andrews
Dolgellau Athletic4v3Churchstoke
Abermule5v4Builth Wells
Presteigne St Andrews 3v2Dolgellau Athletic
Dyffryn Banw0v2Four Crosses
Builth Wells 2v1Llansantffraid Village
Penybont2v6Builth Wells
Newbridge on Wye2v4Kerry
Abermule0v0Four Crosses
Presteigne St Andrews 0v0Llansantffraid Village
Dolgellau Athletic4v1Dyffryn Banw
Churchstoke 3v3Penybont
Builth Wells 2v1Four Crosses
Borth United2v1Kerry
Abermule1v1Newbridge on Wye
Newbridge on Wye3v1Builth Wells
Llansantffraid Village 1v2Four Crosses
Penybont0v1Dyffryn Banw
Four Crosses2v0Dolgellau Athletic
Builth Wells 3v1Churchstoke
Penybont1v1Presteigne St Andrews
Borth United1v1Dolgellau Athletic
Presteigne St Andrews 1v4Builth Wells
Newbridge on Wye2v3Churchstoke
Llansantffraid Village 3v3Borth United
Kerry2v2Dolgellau Athletic
Newbridge on Wye3v1Presteigne St Andrews
Dyffryn Banw0v3Borth United
Churchstoke 1v2Llansantffraid Village
Dolgellau Athletic2v0Presteigne St Andrews
Kerry2v1Llansantffraid Village
Churchstoke 3v3Abermule

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