South West FIFA League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Levi D231913135508558
2Louis D23152689602947
3Andy E19104575502534
4Lloyd R2210396658833
5Lloyd D2110386358533
6Max S1985666561029
7Warren W2384115374-2128
8James D217596469-526
9Aaron P2282126377-1426
10Callum D23811479101-2225
11Ashley P23811466109-4325
12Neil S2456135077-2721
13Rich L1953114171-3018

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Lloyd R3v2James D
Max S5v3Ashley P
Aaron P3v3Warren W
Louis D7v4Callum D
Rich L6v1Ashley P
Levi D8v3James D
Louis D6v1Aaron P
Ashley P5v6Callum D
Levi D6v1Louis D
Levi D10v12Callum D
Aaron P1v5Andy E
Lloyd R5v2Aaron P
Lloyd R5v0Ashley P
Levi D6v2Neil S
Callum D2v3Andy E
Max S5v1Rich L
Neil S2v1Lloyd R
Warren W2v2Lloyd D
Neil S0v0Lloyd D
Levi D3v1Lloyd D
Neil S5v5Warren W
Ashley P4v0Warren W
Lloyd D1v1Neil S
Warren W4v1Callum D
Lloyd R4v1Max S
Louis D3v1Neil S
Neil S3v2Callum D
Aaron P7v1James D
Callum D5v3Lloyd D
Louis D7v2Ashley P
Louis D2v1Warren W
Warren W7v3Rich L
Lloyd D1v4Louis D
Warren W3v2James D
Lloyd R5v4Andy E
Max S7v2Neil S
Warren W3v2Lloyd R
Ashley P2v12Levi D
Levi D4v2Aaron P
Levi D8v2Warren W
Louis D3v4Andy E
Levi D3v1Andy E
Max S4v6Louis D
Max S4v2Callum D
Aaron P3v7Ashley P
Levi D8v2Lloyd R
Ashley P1v7James D
Callum D1v2Lloyd R
James D4v4Neil S
Aaron P1v4Rich L
Louis D6v0Rich L
Callum D4v5Rich L
Levi D2v2Max S
Andy E6v1James D
Ashley P4v3Neil S
Aaron P3v2Neil S
Aaron P3v1Lloyd D
James D3v0Warren W
Lloyd D5v4James D
James D7v1Max S
Lloyd D4v3Neil S
Max S3v3Aaron P
Andy E6v2Aaron P
Levi D7v0Rich L
Ashley P3v9Andy E
Lloyd D6v1Ashley P
Ashley P5v4Max S
Neil S3v0Warren W
Ashley P3v0Warren W
Rich L1v1James D
Aaron P5v3Rich L
Levi D4v6Callum D
Callum D4v5Louis D
Lloyd R2v2Louis D
Levi D4v1Louis D
Andy E7v0Neil S
Aaron P5v0Warren W
Levi D4v1Lloyd R
Ashley P2v1Rich L
Lloyd D6v5Max S
James D4v3Lloyd R
Aaron P4v1Lloyd R
Max S0v0Neil S
Lloyd D2v1Andy E
Callum D4v4James D
Andy E2v2Max S
Warren W1v4Andy E
Lloyd D3v1Warren W
Rich L1v3Neil S
Lloyd R0v0Neil S
Louis D6v1James D
Rich L0v5Lloyd D
Ashley P2v4Lloyd R
Aaron P2v5Callum D
Andy E6v6Rich L
Louis D5v2Ashley P
Lloyd R2v2Andy E
Max S3v3Rich L
Louis D5v2Aaron P
Levi D4v2Aaron P
Levi D4v1James D
Callum D3v8Ashley P
Callum D3v1Neil S
Max S6v2Warren W
Lloyd R4v1Lloyd D
Warren W3v1Lloyd R
Andy E8v2Callum D
Lloyd R2v3Max S
Callum D4v6Lloyd D
Levi D7v0Ashley P
Louis D3v2Neil S
Warren W5v1Rich L
Levi D9v3Neil S
Aaron P3v5James D
Lloyd D2v4Louis D
Ashley P2v2James D
Lloyd R6v1Rich L
Louis D1v2Andy E
Callum D1v5Max S
Callum D2v3Warren W
James D6v2Neil S
Lloyd D3v2Levi D
Max S6v0Louis D
Aaron P1v3Ashley P
Levi D8v2Andy E
Callum D2v1Rich L
Louis D3v3Warren W
Neil S2v4Aaron P
Lloyd D2v3James D
Levi D5v0Max S
Louis D2v3Rich L
Ashley P3v6Neil S
Levi D7v1Warren W
Callum D2v7Lloyd R
Andy E2v2James D
Aaron P4v2Lloyd D
Callum D2v1James D
Rich L1v0Neil S
Lloyd D7v4Lloyd R
Louis D7v3Ashley P
Andy E1v4Warren W

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