South Sudanese Football Association

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Blacktown FC1192034132129
4Awiel Utd1162342251720
5Twic Direct Energie1154225151019
6Ngok Utd114343228415
7Rumbek Utd114253024614
8Equatoria FC114161923-413
9Awiel Buffalo 113171631-1510
10FC Football Stars113081441-279
12Lakes FC1101102062-421
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PCL1v10Awiel Utd
Equatoria FC0v3Rumbek Utd
Awiel Buffalo 2v3TMT
Blacktown FC1v1Twic Direct Energie
Equatoria FC0v4Awiel Utd
TMT9v0Lakes FC
Ngok Utd1v1Twic Direct Energie
FC Football Stars2v3Awiel Buffalo
Twic Direct Energie1v1Equatoria FC
FC Football Stars1v9TMT
Blacktown FC3v0PCL
BBS4v1Awiel Buffalo
Ngok Utd3v6Awiel Utd
Lakes FC4v10Rumbek Utd
Awiel Utd5v1Awiel Buffalo
PCL4v2Lakes FC
BBS5v0Rumbek Utd
Equatoria FC4v1Ngok Utd
Twic Direct Energie4v0FC Football Stars
TMT1v3Blacktown FC
PCL1v3Awiel Buffalo
Lakes FC1v8Ngok Utd
FC Football Stars2v0Equatoria FC
BBS0v3Twic Direct Energie
Blacktown FC3v2Rumbek Utd
TMT5v1Awiel Utd
Ngok Utd3v1Awiel Buffalo
FC Football Stars6v4Lakes FC
Awiel Utd2v3Blacktown FC
BBS2v1Equatoria FC
Twic Direct Energie0v3Rumbek Utd
Ngok Utd1v6TMT
BBS8v1Lakes FC
Equatoria FC3v1PCL
Rumbek Utd5v0FC Football Stars
Lakes FC3v3Awiel Utd
Blacktown FC3v1BBS
TMT3v1Equatoria FC
Rumbek Utd1v1Awiel Buffalo
Equatoria FC1v2Blacktown FC
FC Football Stars2v5Awiel Utd
Twic Direct Energie3v2Lakes FC
Ngok Utd7v1PCL
FC Football Stars1v0PCL
Ngok Utd3v3Blacktown FC
TMT3v1Rumbek Utd
Lakes FC3v6Equatoria FC
Twic Direct Energie4v0Awiel Buffalo
BBS3v0Awiel Utd
Blacktown FC4v0Lakes FC
Rumbek Utd2v4Awiel Utd
Equatoria FC2v1Awiel Buffalo
Ngok Utd3v0FC Football Stars
Twic Direct Energie2v3TMT
BBS3v0Ngok Utd
Rumbek Utd1v2PCL
Lakes FC0v1Awiel Buffalo
Awiel Utd2v2Twic Direct Energie
FC Football Stars0v3Blacktown FC
Blacktown FC6v2Awiel Buffalo
BBS5v0FC Football Stars
Ngok Utd2v2Rumbek Utd
Twic Direct Energie4v2PCL

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