South Edinburgh and Midlothian Darts

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gilmerton Miners A141121159659424
2Royal A141022151737822
3Gilmerton Bowling A14923140845620
4Robins Nest14716111113-215
5Gilmerton Miners B14635109115-615
6Gilmerton Bowling B14311079145-667
7Royal B14301173151-786
8Victoria Bar14111274150-763

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Gilmerton Bowling B11v5Royal B
Victoria Bar8v8Gilmerton Miners B
Royal A5v11Gilmerton Bowling A
Royal A14v2Gilmerton Bowling B
Gilmerton Miners B11v5Royal B
Robins Nest11v5Victoria Bar
Gilmerton Bowling A7v9Gilmerton Miners A
Royal B5v11Robins Nest
Gilmerton Bowling B8v8Gilmerton Miners B
Gilmerton Miners A10v6Royal A
Robins Nest6v10Gilmerton Miners B
Gilmerton Bowling A11v5Victoria Bar
Gilmerton Miners A14v2Gilmerton Bowling B
Victoria Bar2v14Royal A
Gilmerton Bowling B6v10Robins Nest
Royal B4v12Gilmerton Bowling A
Gilmerton Miners A13v3Victoria Bar
Royal A13v3Royal B
Gilmerton Bowling A7v9Gilmerton Miners B
Robins Nest5v11Gilmerton Bowling A
Gilmerton Miners B4v12Royal A
Royal B3v13Gilmerton Miners A
Victoria Bar11v5Gilmerton Bowling B
Royal A12v4Robins Nest
Gilmerton Miners A8v8Gilmerton Miners B
Royal B10v6Victoria Bar
Gilmerton Bowling B3v13Gilmerton Bowling A
Robins Nest6v10Gilmerton Miners A
Gilmerton Miners B12v4Victoria Bar
Royal B6v10Gilmerton Bowling B
Gilmerton Bowling A8v8Royal A
Gilmerton Bowling B2v14Royal A
Victoria Bar5v11Robins Nest
Royal B11v5Gilmerton Miners B
Gilmerton Miners A8v8Gilmerton Bowling A
Gilmerton Miners B9v7Gilmerton Bowling B
Robins Nest11v5Royal B
Royal A9v7Gilmerton Miners A
Gilmerton Miners B7v9Robins Nest
Victoria Bar7v9Gilmerton Bowling A
Gilmerton Bowling B3v13Gilmerton Miners A
Gilmerton Bowling A13v3Royal B
Robins Nest10v6Gilmerton Bowling B
Royal A12v4Victoria Bar
Royal A14v2Royal B
Gilmerton Bowling A7v9Gilmerton Miners B
Gilmerton Miners A13v3Victoria Bar
Gilmerton Bowling A10v6Robins Nest
Gilmerton Bowling B11v5Victoria Bar
Gilmerton Bowling A13v3Gilmerton Bowling B
Gilmerton Miners A13v3Gilmerton Miners B
Gilmerton Miners A13v3Robins Nest
Victoria Bar6v10Royal B
Gilmerton Miners A15v1Royal B
Royal A10v6Gilmerton Miners B
Royal A8v8Robins Nest

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