South East Universities Merit League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bournemouth Chiropractors220014401446
2Montefirore Exiles RFC 2200630636
4Southampton 3rds1100191273
5Solent 2nds2101847953
6Portsmouth 5th30033997-580
7Portsmouth 6th300312113-1010
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Portsmouth 5th27v45Solent 2nds
Winchester17v12Portsmouth 6th
Portsmouth 6th0v30Montefirore Exiles RFC
Southampton 3rds19v12Portsmouth 5th
Winchester0v78Bournemouth Chiropractors
Montefirore Exiles RFC 33v0Portsmouth 5th
Portsmouth 6th0v66Bournemouth Chiropractors
Solent 2nds39v52Winchester

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