Songpop 2 league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Lee taylor14130197494839
2Jemma tappenden14100485701530
3Liz Williams 1490587563127
4Cheryl oh148158276624
6Kelly gough145187886-815
7Alexis Britton 1410134994-453
8Jolene Storm 1410134594-493

Viewed 427 times

Kelly gough7v7Cheryl oh
Jolene Storm 4v7Cheryl oh
Jemma tappenden3v7Cheryl oh
Lee taylor7v5Cheryl oh
Jolene Storm 2v7Filthydaddy
Kelly gough6v7Jemma tappenden
Kelly gough7v4Jolene Storm
Alexis Britton 5v7Jemma tappenden
Liz Williams 7v3Alexis Britton
Alexis Britton 1v7Lee taylor
Liz Williams 7v2Filthydaddy
Liz Williams 7v3Cheryl oh
Jolene Storm 5v7Cheryl oh
Alexis Britton 5v7Filthydaddy
Alexis Britton 5v7Cheryl oh
Filthydaddy6v7Cheryl oh
Liz Williams 7v3Cheryl oh
Liz Williams 7v5Kelly gough
Kelly gough3v7Cheryl oh
Liz Williams 7v0Jolene Storm
Jemma tappenden7v1Jolene Storm
Jemma tappenden7v4Filthydaddy
Lee taylor7v5Jemma tappenden
Lee taylor7v3Kelly gough
Lee taylor7v3Cheryl oh
Lee taylor7v2Jolene Storm
Cheryl oh7v3Alexis Britton
Cheryl oh7v5Filthydaddy
Jolene Storm 6v7Kelly gough
Jolene Storm 3v7Alexis Britton
Jemma tappenden7v5Cheryl oh
Alexis Britton 3v7Kelly gough
Alexis Britton 2v7Jemma tappenden
Kelly gough6v7Filthydaddy
Jemma tappenden2v7Liz Williams
Lee taylor7v5Liz Williams
Filthydaddy4v7Lee taylor
Liz Williams 5v7Filthydaddy
Jemma tappenden7v5Kelly gough
Liz Williams 7v1Alexis Britton
Liz Williams 5v7Kelly gough
Jemma tappenden7v4Jolene Storm
Lee taylor7v1Alexis Britton
Lee taylor7v5Kelly gough
Jemma tappenden5v7Filthydaddy
Jolene Storm 1v7Lee taylor
Jolene Storm 4v7Filthydaddy
Alexis Britton 5v7Filthydaddy
Kelly gough7v5Alexis Britton
Kelly gough3v7Filthydaddy
Alexis Britton 3v7Jolene Storm
Liz Williams 7v2Jolene Storm
Lee taylor7v2Filthydaddy
Lee taylor7v5Liz Williams
Jemma tappenden7v4Liz Williams
Jemma tappenden7v6Lee taylor

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