Soccer League 19 Imbersago

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Stema Automazioni11007073
2Bruso Team11005323
3Coronate Futsal11004223
4Acconciature Lui&Lei11003123
5LupoPaolo Team00000000
6M.L.A. Calolzio00000000
7Tofe Cafe00000000
8Trattoria del Bosco00000000
10Angelo's Friends00000000
11Athletic Game00000000
12Brianzoo Boys00000000
13Thunder Bulls100135-20
14Muppet Fc100124-20
15New Team100113-20
16Amico Charly100107-70

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Bruso Team5v3Thunder Bulls
Coronate Futsal4v2Muppet Fc
Acconciature Lui&Lei3v1New Team
Amico Charly0v7Stema Automazioni

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