Soccer #2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Brazil 20150596603645
2Ireland 20130796583839
3Austria 2012178173838
4New Zealand 201127104604437
5Germany 20110995801533
6Canada 2010199790732
7Russia 20100108381230
9China 2090115683-2727
10Slovakia 2072116268-625
11Japan 2080128392-924
13France 2080125588-3324
14Argentina 2050154690-4415

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Ireland 5v4New Zealand
Brazil 18v0France
Japan 5v10USA
Slovakia 9v4Russia
Argentina 0v8Germany
Austria 7v4Canada
Germany 0v6Russia
Japan 0v3Slovakia
China 0v4Paraguay
Ireland 0v1Brazil
Austria 6v2New Zealand
Argentina 4v2Canada
France 4v5USA
China 1v8Russia
Japan 4v2France
Germany 9v15Austria
Ireland 9v8Canada
Slovakia 1v4USA
New Zealand 4v5Brazil
France 0v3Russia
China 0v1Austria
Canada 3v4Germany
Ireland 1v4Brazil
Japan 7v1Slovakia
New Zealand 1v9USA
Austria 7v2France
Russia 2v9Japan
Canada 5v6Germany
New Zealand 2v2Slovakia
Brazil 5v1Argentina
China 1v2Ireland
Ireland 1v3Brazil
Russia 0v5Austria
France 2v6China
Japan 3v6USA
Canada 0v6Slovakia
New Zealand 7v3Germany
Argentina 2v4Paraguay
Germany 7v1China
Brazil 5v2France
Slovakia 5v3USA
Ireland 4v5New Zealand
Austria 2v5Argentina
Japan 0v10Canada
Germany 8v3Japan
Brazil 1v4Russia
Ireland 0v2Slovakia
Argentina 0v4New Zealand
China 3v0France
Canada 6v3Austria
Ireland 10v1Canada
Russia 1v4Brazil
Canada 4v0Brazil
Japan 5v8Brazil
Japan 5v1Brazil
Brazil 7v6Paraguay
Brazil 7v6Paraguay
Brazil 7v0USA
Brazil 4v5USA
Brazil 5v4Slovakia
Brazil 5v4Slovakia
Brazil 5v4Slovakia
Brazil 1v3Argentina
Germany 0v4Austria
Canada 5v0China
Ireland 8v1New Zealand
Argentina 0v1France
Russia 4v7Canada
Ireland 7v2USA
Paraguay1v8New Zealand
Austria 4v3France
Argentina 1v5Japan
China 5v2Germany
Argentina 1v5Austria
China 0v7Germany
Japan 2v1USA
Canada 2v1Slovakia
France 1v7New Zealand
Ireland 8v4Germany
Canada 10v8China
France 2v5Slovakia
USA2v8New Zealand
Austria 7v1Argentina
Austria 5v0Slovakia
Argentina 4v6Russia
New Zealand 5v7Ireland
Slovakia 2v4France
France 5v7Russia
Canada 9v4Austria
China 7v6Japan
China 1v6New Zealand
Russia 2v0Argentina
Argentina 4v6Ireland
China 5v3Paraguay
Slovakia 0v5Japan
New Zealand 12v1Japan
Austria 1v3Germany
Ireland 8v0Germany
France 4v0USA
France 4v2China
Ireland 5v1Russia
Canada 3v3Slovakia
Germany 9v5Paraguay
New Zealand 10v0Austria
New Zealand 10v0Austria
New Zealand 1v1Austria
New Zealand 6v1Austria
New Zealand 1v3Austria
Argentina 2v4Paraguay
Germany 6v0Slovakia
France 5v2USA
China 4v3Ireland
Canada 3v2Japan
Argentina 2v1Russia
Germany 11v3USA
France 5v4Ireland
China 5v2Japan
Canada 4v10Paraguay
Argentina 5v1Slovakia
Germany 0v1Ireland
France 5v4Japan
China 5v1Paraguay
Canada 10v7Russia
Argentina 3v5USA
Slovakia 9v1USA
Japan 3v7Ireland
France 4v0Germany
Canada 1v2China

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