Snooker Lerrrds Embassy World Championship

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Rynamo O'Sullivan 4301200172289
2Gwynnie White4202207160476
3Phil 'The Cannon' Gannon3201138119196
4Jimmy 'the Harpoon' Heywood4202167184-176
5Chris Oyston3102134164-303
6Phil Oyston4103155202-473
7Ben Cranners00000000
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Jimmy 'the Harpoon' Heywood51v42Phil Oyston
Gwynnie White47v35Rynamo O'Sullivan
Phil 'The Cannon' Gannon66v36Chris Oyston
Gwynnie White69v26Phil Oyston
Phil Oyston43v27Phil 'The Cannon' Gannon
Rynamo O'Sullivan 47v27Jimmy 'the Harpoon' Heywood
Rynamo O'Sullivan 63v54Chris Oyston
Gwynnie White51v54Jimmy 'the Harpoon' Heywood
Phil 'The Cannon' Gannon45v40Gwynnie White
Jimmy 'the Harpoon' Heywood35v44Chris Oyston
Phil Oyston44v55Rynamo O'Sullivan

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