snooker league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1M collumb1291247252228
2S gillisepie1183053134027
3P mckinney981044103425
4J mcfarlane981043113225
5D kinney1073045153024
6L little1171345212422
7C totten1062237231420
8R miller1061339211819
9D maxwell135354038218
10J slavin94142826213
11G ford84042226-412
12M gordon133283147-1611
13J gallagher102262436-128
14A brown102171545-307
15J cucthy101271941-225
16W ingram1211101260-484
17P preston110291551-362
18C mctaggart1201111161-501
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J slavin2v4M collumb
D kinney3v3M collumb
G ford5v1P preston
J mcfarlane4v2M collumb
M gordon1v5P mckinney
D maxwell3v3J gallagher
C mctaggart0v6L little
A brown0v6S gillisepie
A brown0v6L little
P mckinney6v0J cucthy
D kinney5v1P preston
S gillisepie5v1J slavin
A brown6v0W ingram
C totten4v2R miller
J gallagher1v5M gordon
D maxwell6v0C mctaggart
R miller5v1M gordon
R miller6v0A brown
C mctaggart0v6P mckinney
D kinney5v1G ford
D maxwell3v3D kinney
C totten4v2L little
J gallagher5v1W ingram
M collumb5v1C mctaggart
R miller4v2D maxwell
M gordon6v0C mctaggart
J mcfarlane5v1D maxwell
D maxwell4v2W ingram
L little4v2P preston
S gillisepie6v0M gordon
M collumb4v2J cucthy
J mcfarlane6v0M gordon
J cucthy3v3P preston
C totten4v2M gordon
W ingram4v2P preston
S gillisepie6v0J cucthy
L little4v2J cucthy
D kinney4v2J slavin
L little6v0D maxwell
G ford4v2J gallagher
C totten3v3S gillisepie
M collumb6v0W ingram
J mcfarlane6v0W ingram
P mckinney4v2R miller
J slavin5v1J gallagher
L little3v3S gillisepie
S gillisepie6v0W ingram
D maxwell5v1J cucthy
C mctaggart2v4J slavin
P mckinney4v2G ford
A brown4v2C mctaggart
P mckinney5v1J gallagher
W ingram3v3C mctaggart
P preston3v3M gordon
C totten2v4M collumb
M collumb6v0P preston
A brown0v6D kinney
R miller5v1J gallagher
J mcfarlane5v1P preston
J mcfarlane4v2L little
M collumb4v2M gordon
D kinney6v0R miller
C totten3v3D maxwell
C mctaggart2v4G ford
C totten5v1J cucthy
C totten6v0W ingram
A brown3v3J gallagher
J slavin1v5P mckinney
M gordon5v1W ingram
D kinney5v1J gallagher
G ford1v5J slavin
C mctaggart0v6R miller
A brown0v6P mckinney
J cucthy2v4J mcfarlane
D maxwell2v4S gillisepie
A brown1v5J slavin
D maxwell5v1M gordon
M collumb4v2L little
P preston0v6S gillisepie
R miller6v0G ford
J mcfarlane6v0C totten
D kinney5v1C mctaggart
M collumb1v5S gillisepie
J cucthy5v1W ingram
L little4v2M gordon
D maxwell4v2P preston
J mcfarlane3v3S gillisepie
J gallagher6v0C mctaggart
A brown1v5G ford
R miller3v3J slavin
P mckinney3v3D kinney
M collumb4v2D maxwell
P preston0v6C totten
M gordon3v3J cucthy
L little6v0W ingram

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