SML Premiership 16-17

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Creggan Swifts871035122322
2Westbank United870132141821
3Hatmore Harps95223226617
5Foyle Harps94232727014
6Strabane Athletic83141619-310
7Brandywell Celtic6213161337
8Rosemount 92161828-107
9Sion Swifts81251525-105
10Bentley FC91171337-244

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Hatmore Harps4v2Sion Swifts
Rosemount 1v5Creggan Swifts
Dupont3v4Foyle Harps
Brandywell Celtic2v1Rosemount
Strabane Athletic0v2Hatmore Harps
Bentley FC1v4Cliftonvilla
Creggan Swifts3v2Foyle Harps
Strabane Athletic4v2Rosemount
Hatmore Harps4v1Bentley FC
Foyle Harps4v2Sion Swifts
Cliftonvilla0v1Westbank United
Rosemount 1v4Westbank United
Westbank United6v3Hatmore Harps
Dupont0v3Strabane Athletic
Bentley FC1v6Rosemount
Sion Swifts1v6Creggan Swifts
Hatmore Harps1v5Cliftonvilla
Creggan Swifts4v2Brandywell Celtic
Dupont2v2Bentley FC
Bentley FC1v5Foyle Harps
Westbank United9v0Dupont
Strabane Athletic0v3Creggan Swifts
Sion Swifts1v3Westbank United
Dupont4v4Foyle Harps
Sion Swifts3v1Strabane Athletic
Westbank United0v5Creggan Swifts
Cliftonvilla6v0Foyle Harps
Bentley FC2v1Sion Swifts
Hatmore Harps8v3Dupont
Strabane Athletic2v2Brandywell Celtic
Foyle Harps2v3Hatmore Harps
Brandywell Celtic7v1Bentley FC
Cliftonvilla2v2Sion Swifts
Hatmore Harps4v4Creggan Swifts
Westbank United3v2Brandywell Celtic
Rosemount 2v2Foyle Harps
Strabane Athletic4v1Bentley FC
Creggan Swifts5v2Rosemount
Westbank United6v2Strabane Athletic
Sion Swifts3v3Hatmore Harps
Bentley FC3v4Foyle Harps
Brandywell Celtic1v2Cliftonvilla

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