SML Championship 2015/16

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Foyle Harps19172087226553
2City Colts16123175274839
3Sion Swifts17113369284136
4Strabane Athletic15110462243833
5Newton Heath1710164945431
6Dungiven Celtic208486660628
7Clooney SC1782757461126
9Pheonix Athletic Colts1650113445-1115
10Foyle FC2043134776-2915
12Artigarvan FC19101811134-1233
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Foyle FC2v2Culmore
Pheonix Athletic Colts0v2Dungiven Celtic
Sion Swifts1v2Strabane Athletic
City Colts5v2Dungiven Celtic
Foyle FC0v3Newton Heath
Clooney SC1v3Foyle Harps
Sion Swifts2v5Foyle Harps
Pheonix Athletic Colts1v3Newton Heath
Culmore0v3Sion Swifts
Culmore0v3Foyle Harps
Strabane Athletic3v0Culmore
Culmore0v3City Colts
Artigarvan FC0v12Dungiven Celtic
Newton Heath2v2Sion Swifts
Tristar1v10Sion Swifts
Artigarvan FC3v0Culmore
Tristar2v4Foyle Harps
Clooney SC2v0Newton Heath
Strabane Athletic8v0Artigarvan FC
City Colts8v4Foyle FC
Sion Swifts10v4Tristar
Foyle FC2v5Clooney SC
Artigarvan FC0v11City Colts
Dungiven Celtic2v2Sion Swifts
Artigarvan FC0v8Foyle Harps
Strabane Athletic3v4City Colts
Sion Swifts2v1Foyle FC
Dungiven Celtic2v5Culmore
Dungiven Celtic4v0Artigarvan FC
Culmore2v3Clooney SC
Foyle FC3v3Tristar
Foyle Harps7v2Newton Heath
Strabane Athletic1v3Sion Swifts
Clooney SC1v1City Colts
Tristar4v1Artigarvan FC
Newton Heath4v3Dungiven Celtic
City Colts4v2Strabane Athletic
Sion Swifts4v2Culmore
Dungiven Celtic3v0Tristar
Clooney SC6v2Artigarvan FC
Foyle FC2v0Pheonix Athletic Colts
Foyle Harps3v1Pheonix Athletic Colts
Artigarvan FC0v8Foyle FC
Dungiven Celtic3v6City Colts
Clooney SC5v3Tristar
Culmore2v6Newton Heath
Foyle Harps7v1Dungiven Celtic
Pheonix Athletic Colts1v4Culmore
Tristar2v1City Colts
Foyle FC2v5Sion Swifts
Artigarvan FC1v3Newton Heath
Strabane Athletic4v1Clooney SC
Foyle FC0v6Dungiven Celtic
Newton Heath4v0Foyle FC
Culmore7v2Artigarvan FC
Foyle Harps1v1City Colts
Pheonix Athletic Colts1v3Dungiven Celtic
Clooney SC2v5Culmore
Dungiven Celtic1v4Foyle Harps
Pheonix Athletic Colts1v4Strabane Athletic
Sion Swifts7v0Artigarvan FC
Foyle FC1v6City Colts
Newton Heath5v0Clooney SC
Tristar2v2Dungiven Celtic
Culmore3v8Strabane Athletic
Pheonix Athletic Colts2v3Foyle Harps
City Colts9v0Artigarvan FC
Dungiven Celtic4v4Foyle FC
Clooney SC1v3Sion Swifts
Strabane Athletic7v0Newton Heath
Foyle Harps3v0Tristar
Culmore4v6Pheonix Athletic Colts
Foyle FC0v4Foyle Harps
Newton Heath5v3Culmore
Pheonix Athletic Colts2v1Tristar
Newton Heath3v2Pheonix Athletic Colts
Tristar4v5Foyle FC
Foyle Harps12v0Artigarvan FC
Dungiven Celtic3v3Clooney SC
Dungiven Celtic2v5Strabane Athletic
Clooney SC3v5Foyle Harps
City Colts3v3Culmore
Artigarvan FC0v7Tristar
Pheonix Athletic Colts4v2Foyle FC
Foyle Harps4v3Strabane Athletic
Culmore1v5Dungiven Celtic
Tristar1v5Clooney SC
Newton Heath2v7City Colts
Foyle FC5v1Artigarvan FC
Sion Swifts5v0Pheonix Athletic Colts
Foyle Harps7v0Culmore
Strabane Athletic2v0Tristar
Dungiven Celtic5v4Newton Heath
Clooney SC7v2Foyle FC
City Colts3v2Sion Swifts
Pheonix Athletic Colts8v0Artigarvan FC
Foyle FC1v4Strabane Athletic
Sion Swifts7v1Dungiven Celtic
Newton Heath2v3Foyle Harps
Artigarvan FC1v9Clooney SC
City Colts3v1Pheonix Athletic Colts
Foyle Harps1v1Sion Swifts
Culmore4v3Foyle FC
Tristar0v1Newton Heath
Strabane Athletic6v0Artigarvan FC
Pheonix Athletic Colts4v3Clooney SC

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