SML Championship 2014/15

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bentley FC147163628822
3Hatmore Harps116142626019
4Tamnaherin FC105322317618
5Sion Swifts145362827118
6FC Art Deco115242625117
7Strabane Athletic 124262228-614
8Newton Heath123451921-213

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Sion Swifts2v3FC Art Deco
Bentley FC3v0Newton Heath
Sion Swifts2v3HML
Bentley FC6v1Strabane Athletic
HML3v3Strabane Athletic
Bentley FC3v2FC Art Deco
Hatmore Harps1v0Newton Heath
Sion Swifts1v1Strabane Athletic
Tristar1v5Bentley FC
HML0v0Newton Heath
Bentley FC1v1Sion Swifts
Tamnaherin FC5v2Hatmore Harps
Strabane Athletic 2v0FC Art Deco
Tristar3v2Newton Heath
Sion Swifts5v2Hatmore Harps
FC Art Deco1v1Tamnaherin FC
Tamnaherin FC3v1Tristar
Strabane Athletic 0v3HML
Newton Heath4v4Sion Swifts
Hatmore Harps0v5Strabane Athletic
Sion Swifts0v1Tamnaherin FC
HML3v2Bentley FC
Strabane Athletic 2v1Newton Heath
Bentley FC2v4Hatmore Harps
Newton Heath3v1Bentley FC
Hatmore Harps3v2HML
Strabane Athletic 3v4Tamnaherin FC
FC Art Deco3v0Sion Swifts
Tamnaherin FC2v1Bentley FC
Hatmore Harps2v1FC Art Deco
Newton Heath1v1Hatmore Harps
Strabane Athletic 3v1Sion Swifts
Bentley FC3v1Tristar
Tamnaherin FC1v1HML
Sion Swifts1v0Bentley FC
Newton Heath2v4FC Art Deco
HML2v1Sion Swifts
Tamnaherin FC1v1Newton Heath
Tristar3v4FC Art Deco
Hatmore Harps2v3Sion Swifts
Newton Heath3v0Tristar
Strabane Athletic 1v4Bentley FC
Tamnaherin FC3v4FC Art Deco
Hatmore Harps3v0Strabane Athletic
Tamnaherin FC2v3Sion Swifts
Bentley FC3v2HML
Tristar2v2FC Art Deco
Hatmore Harps6v2Bentley FC
Sion Swifts4v0Tristar
Newton Heath2v1Strabane Athletic
FC Art Deco2v5HML

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