SML Championship 16-17

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tamnaherin Celtic106222520520
2Newton Heath952228161217
3Maiden City 952224121217
5Pheonix Athletic Colts95132420416
6O'Sullivans 103432718913
7City Colts84132415913
9Foyle FC102171328-157

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Foyle FC2v1Artigarvin
O'Sullivans 6v1Trojans
Tamnaherin Celtic3v2Ballymoor
Maiden City 1v1Newton Heath
Pheonix Athletic Colts1v5City Colts
O'Sullivans 1v2Pheonix Athletic Colts
Tamnaherin Celtic2v3Maiden City
Foyle FC0v2Trojans
City Colts1v2Newton Heath
Artigarvin0v9Newton Heath
Maiden City 2v3Foyle FC
Pheonix Athletic Colts2v2Foyle FC
Newton Heath2v1O'Sullivans
Ballymoor2v5Maiden City
City Colts5v0Tamnaherin Celtic
Tamnaherin Celtic3v2Newton Heath
Maiden City 2v0Trojans
Pheonix Athletic Colts1v4Ballymoor
Foyle FC1v2City Colts
Trojans2v3Pheonix Athletic Colts
O'Sullivans 2v2Tamnaherin Celtic
Maiden City 5v1Artigarvin
Foyle FC1v8O'Sullivans
Artigarvin1v5Tamnaherin Celtic
Ballymoor1v4Newton Heath
Trojans5v2Newton Heath
Tamnaherin Celtic3v1Foyle FC
O'Sullivans 4v3Ballymoor
Pheonix Athletic Colts7v0Artigarvin
Maiden City 5v1City Colts
Artigarvin2v1Foyle FC
City Colts0v2Pheonix Athletic Colts
Ballymoor2v2Tamnaherin Celtic
Maiden City 0v0O'Sullivans
Pheonix Athletic Colts2v4Newton Heath
Foyle FC1v4Ballymoor
Tamnaherin Celtic3v1Trojans
City Colts8v2Artigarvin
Trojans2v1Foyle FC
Maiden City 1v2Tamnaherin Celtic
Newton Heath2v2City Colts
Pheonix Athletic Colts4v2O'Sullivans

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