SML Championship

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gransha Institute55003003015
2Sion Swifts4310123910
3Tamnaherin 5311127510
4FC Art Deco63031418-49
5Collon Celtic422011748
7Newton Heath4103620-143
8The Bentley FC4004612-60

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Newton Heath2v0The Bentley FC
Tamnaherin 2v0Newton Heath
Tamnaherin 3v2Drumahoe
Tamnaherin 0v2Gransha Institute
Sion Swifts2v0Tristar
Tamnaherin 4v0Tristar
Sion Swifts6v0Drumahoe
Gransha Institute5v0Drumahoe
Sion Swifts3v2The Bentley FC
Gransha Institute3v0Tristar
Gransha Institute12v0Newton Heath
Collon Celtic1v1Sion Swifts
FC Art Deco6v4Newton Heath
FC Art Deco0v8Gransha Institute
FC Art Deco1v3Tristar
FC Art Deco2v1The Bentley FC
FC Art Deco5v0Drumahoe
Collon Celtic5v3The Bentley FC
Collon Celtic2v0FC Art Deco
Collon Celtic3v3Tamnaherin

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