Skyrim Second League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kynesgrove 18125139142541
2Northwatch Keep 18116133132039
3Ivarstead Barrow 1895430141632
4Karthwasten 1887331201131
5Fort Dawnguard 1879228161230
6East Empire Company 184771418-419
7Old Hroldon 184591732-1517
8Skall Village 1833122136-1512
9Windhelm Stormcloak 1832131139-2811
10Shor's Stone 1817101436-2210

Viewed 243 times

Windhelm Stormcloak 1v0Skall Village
Windhelm Stormcloak 1v0Shor's Stone
Windhelm Stormcloak 1v1Old Hroldon
Windhelm Stormcloak 0v5Northwatch Keep
Windhelm Stormcloak 0v6Kynesgrove
Windhelm Stormcloak 1v3Karthwasten
Windhelm Stormcloak 1v2Ivarstead Barrow
Windhelm Stormcloak 1v4Fort Dawnguard
Windhelm Stormcloak 0v2East Empire Company
Skall Village 3v0Windhelm Stormcloak
Skall Village 1v1Shor's Stone
Skall Village 1v2Old Hroldon
Skall Village 1v2Northwatch Keep
Skall Village 0v4Kynesgrove
Skall Village 0v1Karthwasten
Skall Village 0v3Ivarstead Barrow
Skall Village 1v3Fort Dawnguard
Skall Village 1v0East Empire Company
Shor's Stone 1v0Windhelm Stormcloak
Shor's Stone 1v1Skall Village
Shor's Stone 1v1Old Hroldon
Shor's Stone 1v3Northwatch Keep
Shor's Stone 1v3Kynesgrove
Shor's Stone 0v1Karthwasten
Shor's Stone 0v3Ivarstead Barrow
Shor's Stone 1v4Fort Dawnguard
Shor's Stone 2v2East Empire Company
Old Hroldon 2v1Windhelm Stormcloak
Old Hroldon 2v3Skall Village
Old Hroldon 1v0Shor's Stone
Old Hroldon 1v2Northwatch Keep
Old Hroldon 1v1Kynesgrove
Old Hroldon 1v3Karthwasten
Old Hroldon 0v3Ivarstead Barrow
Old Hroldon 0v2Fort Dawnguard
Old Hroldon 0v0East Empire Company
Northwatch Keep 2v0Windhelm Stormcloak
Northwatch Keep 2v1Skall Village
Northwatch Keep 3v3Shor's Stone
Northwatch Keep 3v0Old Hroldon
Northwatch Keep 1v1Kynesgrove
Northwatch Keep 1v1Karthwasten
Northwatch Keep 0v1Ivarstead Barrow
Northwatch Keep 0v0Fort Dawnguard
Northwatch Keep 2v0East Empire Company
Kynesgrove 2v0Windhelm Stormcloak
Kynesgrove 2v2Skall Village
Kynesgrove 3v0Shor's Stone
Kynesgrove 3v1Old Hroldon
Kynesgrove 1v1Northwatch Keep
Kynesgrove 1v0Karthwasten
Kynesgrove 1v0Ivarstead Barrow
Kynesgrove 1v1Fort Dawnguard
Kynesgrove 3v1East Empire Company
Karthwasten 3v1Windhelm Stormcloak
Karthwasten 5v3Skall Village
Karthwasten 4v0Shor's Stone
Karthwasten 2v2Old Hroldon
Karthwasten 0v2Northwatch Keep
Karthwasten 1v2Kynesgrove
Karthwasten 1v1Ivarstead Barrow
Karthwasten 1v1Fort Dawnguard
Karthwasten 1v1East Empire Company
Ivarstead Barrow 1v1Windhelm Stormcloak
Ivarstead Barrow 3v1Skall Village
Ivarstead Barrow 3v0Shor's Stone
Ivarstead Barrow 3v0Old Hroldon
Ivarstead Barrow 1v2Northwatch Keep
Ivarstead Barrow 1v2Kynesgrove
Ivarstead Barrow 1v2Karthwasten
Ivarstead Barrow 1v1Fort Dawnguard
Ivarstead Barrow 1v1East Empire Company
Fort Dawnguard 2v1Windhelm Stormcloak
Fort Dawnguard 2v1Skall Village
Fort Dawnguard 1v1Shor's Stone
Fort Dawnguard 3v1Old Hroldon
Fort Dawnguard 1v1Northwatch Keep
Fort Dawnguard 1v2Kynesgrove
Fort Dawnguard 1v1Karthwasten
Fort Dawnguard 1v1Ivarstead Barrow
Fort Dawnguard 0v1East Empire Company
East Empire Company 0v1Windhelm Stormcloak
East Empire Company 2v1Skall Village
East Empire Company 1v1Shor's Stone
East Empire Company 0v1Old Hroldon
East Empire Company 0v1Northwatch Keep
East Empire Company 2v1Kynesgrove
East Empire Company 1v1Karthwasten
East Empire Company 0v1Ivarstead Barrow
East Empire Company 0v0Fort Dawnguard

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