Skyrim High League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Royal Solitude 22116539231639
2Markarth Dwemeris 22108432211138
3Raven Rock 229762924534
4Morthal 228862729-232
5Falkreath Forest 2271052521431
6Windhelm FC 228683329430
7Whiterun 228592423129
8Dawnstar 227782327-428
9Imperial Solitude 226972323027
10Whiterun Dragons 226792027-725
11Dragon Bridge 226791726-925
12Riverwood 2244141938-1916
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Windhelm FC 3v1Whiterun Dragons
Windhelm FC 2v2Whiterun
Windhelm FC 2v2Royal Solitude
Windhelm FC 4v0Riverwood
Windhelm FC 1v2Raven Rock
Windhelm FC 1v2Morthal
Windhelm FC 1v1Markarth Dwemeris
Windhelm FC 0v1Imperial Solitude
Windhelm FC 1v0Falkreath Forest
Windhelm FC 1v1Dragon Bridge
Windhelm FC 3v0Dawnstar
Whiterun Dragons 3v0Windhelm FC
Whiterun Dragons 0v2Whiterun
Whiterun Dragons 0v2Royal Solitude
Whiterun Dragons 0v2Riverwood
Whiterun Dragons 3v2Raven Rock
Whiterun Dragons 0v2Morthal
Whiterun Dragons 1v2Markarth Dwemeris
Whiterun Dragons 1v0Imperial Solitude
Whiterun Dragons 1v1Falkreath Forest
Whiterun Dragons 1v1Dragon Bridge
Whiterun Dragons 1v2Dawnstar
Whiterun 1v2Windhelm FC
Whiterun 1v1Whiterun Dragons
Whiterun 1v1Royal Solitude
Whiterun 2v0Riverwood
Whiterun 2v1Raven Rock
Whiterun 2v1Morthal
Whiterun 1v1Markarth Dwemeris
Whiterun 0v3Imperial Solitude
Whiterun 0v1Falkreath Forest
Whiterun 0v1Dragon Bridge
Whiterun 0v1Dawnstar
Royal Solitude 0v1Windhelm FC
Royal Solitude 0v1Whiterun Dragons
Royal Solitude 2v1Whiterun
Royal Solitude 5v0Riverwood
Royal Solitude 4v2Raven Rock
Royal Solitude 1v2Morthal
Royal Solitude 1v2Markarth Dwemeris
Royal Solitude 1v0Imperial Solitude
Royal Solitude 1v1Falkreath Forest
Royal Solitude 2v0Dragon Bridge
Royal Solitude 2v0Dawnstar
Riverwood 2v3Windhelm FC
Riverwood 2v0Whiterun Dragons
Riverwood 2v1Whiterun
Riverwood 0v1Royal Solitude
Riverwood 0v1Raven Rock
Riverwood 0v0Morthal
Riverwood 1v3Markarth Dwemeris
Riverwood 1v1Imperial Solitude
Riverwood 0v2Falkreath Forest
Riverwood 1v2Dragon Bridge
Riverwood 1v1Dawnstar
Raven Rock 1v1Windhelm FC
Raven Rock 0v1Whiterun Dragons
Raven Rock 0v1Whiterun
Raven Rock 2v1Royal Solitude
Raven Rock 2v1Riverwood
Raven Rock 2v0Morthal
Raven Rock 2v0Markarth Dwemeris
Raven Rock 1v1Imperial Solitude
Raven Rock 1v1Falkreath Forest
Raven Rock 1v0Dragon Bridge
Raven Rock 1v1Dawnstar
Morthal 1v1Windhelm FC
Morthal 1v1Whiterun Dragons
Morthal 1v0Whiterun
Morthal 2v3Royal Solitude
Morthal 2v1Riverwood
Morthal 1v1Raven Rock
Morthal 1v1Markarth Dwemeris
Morthal 1v1Imperial Solitude
Morthal 0v1Falkreath Forest
Morthal 0v4Dragon Bridge
Morthal 4v3Dawnstar
Markarth Dwemeris 4v3Windhelm FC
Markarth Dwemeris 1v1Whiterun Dragons
Markarth Dwemeris 0v1Whiterun
Markarth Dwemeris 0v1Royal Solitude
Markarth Dwemeris 2v1Riverwood
Markarth Dwemeris 1v1Raven Rock
Markarth Dwemeris 3v1Morthal
Markarth Dwemeris 0v1Imperial Solitude
Markarth Dwemeris 0v0Falkreath Forest
Markarth Dwemeris 2v0Dragon Bridge
Markarth Dwemeris 1v1Dawnstar
Imperial Solitude 0v1Windhelm FC
Imperial Solitude 0v1Whiterun Dragons
Imperial Solitude 0v0Whiterun
Imperial Solitude 1v1Royal Solitude
Imperial Solitude 1v1Riverwood
Imperial Solitude 2v1Raven Rock
Imperial Solitude 2v2Morthal
Imperial Solitude 1v3Markarth Dwemeris
Imperial Solitude 1v1Falkreath Forest
Imperial Solitude 2v0Dragon Bridge
Imperial Solitude 2v1Dawnstar
Falkreath Forest 2v1Windhelm FC
Falkreath Forest 2v1Whiterun Dragons
Falkreath Forest 2v3Whiterun
Falkreath Forest 3v3Royal Solitude
Falkreath Forest 3v1Riverwood
Falkreath Forest 0v1Raven Rock
Falkreath Forest 0v1Morthal
Falkreath Forest 1v1Markarth Dwemeris
Falkreath Forest 1v1Imperial Solitude
Falkreath Forest 1v1Dragon Bridge
Falkreath Forest 2v1Dawnstar
Dragon Bridge 2v1Windhelm FC
Dragon Bridge 1v1Whiterun Dragons
Dragon Bridge 0v3Whiterun
Dragon Bridge 0v3Royal Solitude
Dragon Bridge 0v1Riverwood
Dragon Bridge 1v1Raven Rock
Dragon Bridge 0v1Morthal
Dragon Bridge 0v3Markarth Dwemeris
Dragon Bridge 2v1Imperial Solitude
Dragon Bridge 0v0Falkreath Forest
Dragon Bridge 1v0Dawnstar
Dawnstar 1v0Windhelm FC
Dawnstar 0v0Whiterun Dragons
Dawnstar 1v0Whiterun
Dawnstar 2v2Royal Solitude
Dawnstar 2v1Riverwood
Dawnstar 1v3Raven Rock
Dawnstar 1v1Morthal
Dawnstar 0v1Markarth Dwemeris
Dawnstar 3v1Imperial Solitude
Dawnstar 1v0Falkreath Forest
Dawnstar 0v0Dragon Bridge

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