Skyrim Football League 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Raven Rock 22007076
2Darkwater 22004046
5Soljunds 20202202
6Skaal Village 20202202
7Port Windhelm20201102
8Whistling Mine201123-11
9East Empire Company201112-11
10Shore's Stone201116-51
11Old Hrolden 200204-40
12Falcaars Tooth200204-40

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Soljunds 1v1Whistling Mine
Skaal Village 1v1Stonehills
Port Windhelm1v1Shore's Stone
Old Hrolden 0v2Raven Rock
East Empire Company1v2Kynesgrove
Darkwater 1v0Falcaars Tooth
East Empire Company0v0Port Windhelm
Stonehills2v1Whistling Mine
Skaal Village 1v1Soljunds
Raven Rock 5v0Shore's Stone
Kynesgrove2v0Old Hrolden
Darkwater 3v0Falcaars Tooth

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