Skyrim First League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Riften Briars 18113436221436
2Helgen 18105330201035
3FC Solitude 1889127131433
4Rorickstead AFC 186842524126
5Solitude Wolves 186662323024
6Winterhold 186572831-323
7Riften 185762929022
8Markarth 185761920-122
9Winterhold University 1824121834-1610
10Darkwater Pass 1824121534-1910
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Winterhold University 1v0Winterhold
Winterhold University 1v2Solitude Wolves
Winterhold University 1v2Rorickstead AFC
Winterhold University 1v2Riften Briars
Winterhold University 0v0Riften
Winterhold University 0v0Markarth
Winterhold University 0v2Helgen
Winterhold University 0v2FC Solitude
Winterhold University 3v3Darkwater Pass
Winterhold 3v3Winterhold University
Winterhold 1v2Solitude Wolves
Winterhold 1v1Rorickstead AFC
Winterhold 2v3Riften Briars
Winterhold 2v1Riften
Winterhold 1v1Markarth
Winterhold 1v4Helgen
Winterhold 1v2FC Solitude
Winterhold 3v2Darkwater Pass
Solitude Wolves 3v2Winterhold University
Solitude Wolves 2v2Winterhold
Solitude Wolves 2v2Rorickstead AFC
Solitude Wolves 1v3Riften Briars
Solitude Wolves 1v1Riften
Solitude Wolves 1v1Markarth
Solitude Wolves 0v1Helgen
Solitude Wolves 0v1FC Solitude
Solitude Wolves 0v1Darkwater Pass
Rorickstead AFC 0v2Winterhold University
Rorickstead AFC 0v2Winterhold
Rorickstead AFC 1v0Solitude Wolves
Rorickstead AFC 1v2Riften Briars
Rorickstead AFC 1v0Riften
Rorickstead AFC 1v0Markarth
Rorickstead AFC 1v2Helgen
Rorickstead AFC 1v1FC Solitude
Rorickstead AFC 3v1Darkwater Pass
Markarth 3v1Darkwater Pass
Riften Briars 3v1Winterhold University
Riften Briars 3v1Winterhold
Riften Briars 1v2Solitude Wolves
Riften Briars 1v2Rorickstead AFC
Riften Briars 1v2Riften
Riften Briars 1v0Markarth
Riften Briars 1v1Helgen
Riften Briars 1v1FC Solitude
Riften Briars 2v0Darkwater Pass
Riften 2v0Winterhold University
Riften 2v2Winterhold
Riften 1v3Solitude Wolves
Riften 3v3Rorickstead AFC
Riften 3v3Riften Briars
Riften 1v1Markarth
Riften 1v2Helgen
Riften 1v4FC Solitude
Riften 3v1Darkwater Pass
Markarth 3v1Winterhold University
Markarth 0v2Winterhold
Markarth 0v2Solitude Wolves
Markarth 2v2Rorickstead AFC
Markarth 2v1Riften Briars
Markarth 2v1Riften
Markarth 0v1Helgen
Markarth 0v0FC Solitude
Helgen 3v2Winterhold University
Helgen 1v2Winterhold
Helgen 1v1Solitude Wolves
Helgen 1v1Rorickstead AFC
Helgen 1v3Riften Briars
Helgen 2v3Riften
Helgen 2v1Markarth
Helgen 2v2FC Solitude
Helgen 2v0Darkwater Pass
FC Solitude 2v0Winterhold University
FC Solitude 2v0Winterhold
FC Solitude 2v0Solitude Wolves
FC Solitude 2v2Rorickstead AFC
FC Solitude 1v2Riften Briars
FC Solitude 1v1Riften
FC Solitude 1v1Markarth
FC Solitude 1v1Helgen
FC Solitude 2v0Darkwater Pass
Darkwater Pass 2v0Winterhold University
Darkwater Pass 1v2Winterhold
Darkwater Pass 1v1Solitude Wolves
Darkwater Pass 1v1Rorickstead AFC
Darkwater Pass 0v3Riften Briars
Darkwater Pass 0v3Riften
Darkwater Pass 1v2Markarth
Darkwater Pass 0v1Helgen
Darkwater Pass 0v0FC Solitude

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