Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Handsome Nipples54015124605216
2Sons Of Pitches63035545272712
3Richie VI6204370382-128
4Jordo and The Boys5203369436-678

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Sons Of Pitches60v58Richie VI
Sons Of Pitches137v138The Handsome Nipples
Jordo and The Boys45v44Richie VI
Jordo and The Boys136v171Sons Of Pitches
Jordo and The Boys97v91Sons Of Pitches
Richie VI49v69The Handsome Nipples
Richie VI147v149The Handsome Nipples
Richie VI44v36Jordo and The Boys
The Handsome Nipples70v72Sons Of Pitches
Richie VI28v23Sons Of Pitches
The Handsome Nipples86v55Jordo and The Boys

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