Sirius Recruitment Group - Table Football, Fussball, Babi-Foot League - SINGLES

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Matt Sutton11100152203231
2Stuart Smith1180346331327
3Lorenzo Tommasini88004073324
4Dicky English94053034-417
5Marc Roberts73042425-113
6Heather Sargeson52031123-129
7Claire Fletcher71062033-139
8Anna Fakharan51041520-57
9Manu Singh5104723-167
10Steve Smith31021112-15
11Roman Lenio11005323
12Neil Greenwood11005413
13Jeremy Steele3003415-113
14Richard Francis2002610-42
15Harriet Templer2002410-62
16Rita Achram2002210-82
17Stephanie Jones00000000

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Neil Greenwood5v4Claire Fletcher
Stuart Smith5v1Manu Singh
Marc Roberts5v2Jeremy Steele
Manu Singh0v5Anna Fakharan
Manu Singh0v5Lorenzo Tommasini
Marc Roberts5v3Claire Fletcher
Harriet Templer1v5Matt Sutton
Harriet Templer3v5Claire Fletcher
Marc Roberts5v0Heather Sargeson
Matt Sutton5v0Jeremy Steele
Lorenzo Tommasini5v1Claire Fletcher
Dicky English5v3Claire Fletcher
Matt Sutton5v1Manu Singh
Manu Singh5v3Dicky English
Dicky English5v3Marc Roberts
Anna Fakharan4v5Stuart Smith
Claire Fletcher0v5Matt Sutton
Anna Fakharan3v5Matt Sutton
Anna Fakharan1v5Lorenzo Tommasini
Stuart Smith5v4Claire Fletcher
Lorenzo Tommasini5v1Marc Roberts
Dicky English5v2Anna Fakharan
Heather Sargeson0v5Matt Sutton
Heather Sargeson5v4Stuart Smith
Dicky English0v5Stuart Smith
Marc Roberts3v5Matt Sutton
Dicky English4v5Matt Sutton
Lorenzo Tommasini5v0Dicky English
Matt Sutton5v1Stuart Smith
Matt Sutton5v2Steve Smith
Richard Francis2v5Steve Smith
Dicky English3v5Roman Lenio
Dicky English5v1Heather Sargeson
Stuart Smith5v4Steve Smith
Lorenzo Tommasini5v1Rita Achram
Stuart Smith5v1Rita Achram
Stuart Smith5v2Marc Roberts
Lorenzo Tommasini5v1Stuart Smith
Richard Francis4v5Heather Sargeson
Jeremy Steele2v5Stuart Smith
Lorenzo Tommasini5v2Matt Sutton

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