Sinazongwe Zone I Amateur Football 2018 League

Sinazongwe Zone I 2018 Amateur Football League
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Medical Stars 1712504593641
2Kango 17103426161033
4Green Growers 178271919026
5Young Zambeef 177462621525
6Riverfly 177372213924
7Celtic 1752101734-1717
8Ndungu 174491924-516
10Fisheries 9216519-147

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Celtic 1v7Young Zambeef
Green Growers 0v1Kalonga
Celtic 0v2Green Growers
Tusa1v0Young Zambeef
Medical Stars 1v1Ndungu
Kango 0v3Green Growers
Green Growers 0v3Riverfly
Young Zambeef 1v2Kalonga
Ndungu 3v0Celtic
Kango 1v2Medical Stars
Riverfly 1v0Ndungu
Kango 4v1Young Zambeef
Tusa0v0Green Growers
Celtic 0v5Medical Stars
Ndungu 1v2Tusa
Celtic 2v1Riverfly
Medical Stars 1v1Young Zambeef
Riverfly 2v2Tusa
Riverfly 0v0Medical Stars
Medical Stars 3v0Green Growers
Kalonga0v3Medical Stars
Young Zambeef 3v0Celtic
Ndungu 1v1Kango
Green Growers 1v0Young Zambeef
Celtic 2v1Kalonga
Kango 1v0Celtic
Young Zambeef 2v1Ndungu
Tusa1v2Medical Stars
Riverfly 0v2Kango
Young Zambeef 2v1Riverfly
Kango 2v0Tusa
Green Growers 1v3Ndungu
Green Growers 3v0Fisheries
Riverfly 0v0Young Zambeef
Celtic 2v0Fisheries
Ndungu 2v1Green Growers
Medical Stars 4v0Kalonga
Kango 1v0Riverfly
Fisheries 1v0Ndungu
Green Growers 0v0Medical Stars
Ndungu 0v1Young Zambeef
Riverfly 0v1Kalonga
Celtic 0v1Kango
Medical Stars 7v2Tusa
Kango 1v1Ndungu
Young Zambeef 0v2Green Growers
Fisheries 0v5Medical Stars
Ndungu 2v1Kalonga
Green Growers 1v2Kango
Celtic 1v1Tusa
Fisheries 0v1Young Zambeef
Medical Stars 1v0Riverfly
Green Growers 1v0Celtic
Riverfly 3v1Celtic
Kalonga3v0Green Growers
Kango 2v0Fisheries
Young Zambeef 1v3Medical Stars
Fisheries 0v3Riverfly
Young Zambeef 1v1Kango
Green Growers 3v2Tusa
Fisheries 1v1Kalonga
Ndungu 0v1Riverfly
Medical Stars 1v1Celtic
Riverfly 0v1Green Growers
Kalonga1v3Young Zambeef
Medical Stars 2v0Kango
Celtic 2v1Ndungu
Young Zambeef 2v2Tusa
Ndungu 1v5Medical Stars
Kango 2v1Kalonga

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