Simcoe men's slow pitch

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Koncir 24201335919616361
2Boston pizza24180638227410854
3Prime time24162640326214150
4Ludwigs 2413110307306140
5Beer me24122103353033238
7Steelers 24120123303191136
8Isotopes 2412012261338-7736
1090 sluggers 2410014295318-2330
11Simcoe Toyota249114315342-2728
13Weekend warriors 240024104392-2880

Viewed 539 times

Ramblers10v15Beer me
Steelers 14v10Beer me
Steelers 20v9Boston pizza
Steelers 7v20Boston pizza
Hammers7v0Weekend warriors
Beer me7v0Weekend warriors
Boston pizza7v0Weekend warriors
90 sluggers 18v14Beer me
Ludwigs 7v0Weekend warriors
Ludwigs 10v10Prime time
Ramblers7v0Weekend warriors
Koncir 7v0Weekend warriors
Koncir 7v0Weekend warriors
Weekend warriors 2v19Beer me
Weekend warriors 2v19Simcoe Toyota
Prime time14v16Simcoe Toyota
90 sluggers 8v23Ludwigs
90 sluggers 19v4Weekend warriors
90 sluggers 17v5Isotopes
90 sluggers 7v19Boston pizza
Koncir 10v7Beer me
Hammers26v11Simcoe Toyota
Drillers6v20Boston pizza
Isotopes 3v23Steelers
Koncir 17v5Hammers
Ludwigs 15v35Boston pizza
90 sluggers 21v22Beer me
Boston pizza15v13Beer me
Steelers 17v23Beer me
90 sluggers 3v4Prime time
Beer me10v10Prime time
Simcoe Toyota17v19Ramblers
Prime time18v8Drillers
Koncir 18v9Boston pizza
Hammers14v1890 sluggers
Hammers19v27Boston pizza
Hammers14v18Prime time
Isotopes 9v16Beer me
Isotopes 9v14Boston pizza
Drillers25v12Weekend warriors
Koncir 18v6Simcoe Toyota
Ludwigs 15v11Hammers
Koncir 15v5Steelers
Ludwigs 20v17Simcoe Toyota
Ludwigs 27v17Simcoe Toyota
Beer me15v15Hammers
Weekend warriors 18v27Hammers
Beer me18v8Hammers
Boston pizza10v3Hammers
Steelers 22v21Hammers
Simcoe Toyota10v13Boston pizza
Simcoe Toyota13v13Hammers
Simcoe Toyota27v28Beer me
Simcoe Toyota0v7Ramblers
90 sluggers 11v14Simcoe Toyota
Isotopes 22v18Prime time
Ludwigs 10v20Prime time
Ludwigs 8v16Steelers
Drillers15v18Boston pizza
Isotopes 15v11Simcoe Toyota
Koncir 16v15Ramblers
Ludwigs 21v25Beer me
Ludwigs 7v0Weekend warriors
Ludwigs 12v13Boston pizza
Koncir 20v6Hammers
Koncir 22v8Drillers
Isotopes 11v17Ludwigs
Isotopes 9v19Steelers
Boston pizza13v15Prime time
Steelers 11v9Prime time
Beer me10v21Prime time
Hammers9v16Prime time
Steelers 9v28Prime time
Boston pizza14v12Prime time
Steelers 20v3Weekend warriors
Drillers9v11Simcoe Toyota
90 sluggers 21v8Weekend warriors
Koncir 20v6Simcoe Toyota
Koncir 17v6Prime time
Drillers4v10Beer me
Drillers7v20Beer me
90 sluggers 15v4Simcoe Toyota
90 sluggers 7v0Steelers
Isotopes 4v10Boston pizza
Isotopes 15v8Ramblers
Isotopes 4v27Koncir
Isotopes 3v22Prime time
Koncir 5v20Ludwigs
Drillers15v5Weekend warriors
90 sluggers 12v29Steelers
90 sluggers 3v8Boston pizza
90 sluggers 10v22Prime time
Isotopes 11v5Weekend warriors
90 sluggers 11v5Koncir
90 sluggers 7v12Ramblers
Koncir 17v15Boston pizza
Isotopes 29v11Weekend warriors
Koncir 14v14Ramblers
Simcoe Toyota17v7Weekend warriors
90 sluggers 9v14Ludwigs
Drillers20v490 sluggers
Drillers11v16Prime time
Koncir 14v590 sluggers
Isotopes 13v11Beer me
Simcoe Toyota23v20Boston pizza
Simcoe Toyota7v0Beer me
Ramblers2v22Prime time
Ramblers29v10Weekend warriors
Ludwigs 15v6Isotopes
Koncir 10v2Ludwigs
Koncir 21v10Isotopes
90 sluggers 13v7Ramblers
Simcoe Toyota23v15Steelers
Simcoe Toyota21v8Steelers
Ramblers16v3Boston pizza
Beer me13v8Ramblers
Isotopes 12v6Hammers
Koncir 26v11Steelers
Prime time31v7Weekend warriors
Prime time17v5Weekend warriors
90 sluggers 26v17Hammers
Isotopes 12v24Hammers
Isotopes 4v2Simcoe Toyota
Boston pizza23v11Beer me
Boston pizza19v17Ramblers
Drillers19v1890 sluggers
Ludwigs 17v14Beer me
Boston pizza28v2Weekend warriors
Steelers 9v3Weekend warriors
Ludwigs 0v7Steelers
Koncir 14v8Prime time
Drillers7v6Simcoe Toyota
Isotopes 12v10Ramblers
90 sluggers 12v20Isotopes
Prime time22v17Ramblers
Prime time24v17Simcoe Toyota
Koncir 6v4Beer me

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