Simcoe men’s slo pitch

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Toyota 2115062942544045
3Hammers 2114073022406242
4Boston pizza2113173262606640
590 sluggers 2111282952672835
6Drillers 2110110273276-331
7Ludwig’s 216213264336-7220
8Steelers 214116211347-13613
9Vaz drywall212118226326-1007

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Ludwig’s 7v0Steelers
Ludwig’s 7v7Steelers
Ludwig’s 0v7Boston pizza
Vaz drywall6v23Steelers
Hammers 9v13Ludwig’s
Hammers 16v1290 sluggers
Hammers 17v18Koncir
Hammers 8v15Boston pizza
Hammers 18v15Vaz drywall
Hammers 15v5Steelers
Hammers 19v7Toyota
Hammers 11v15Koncir
Hammers 9v8Vaz drywall
Hammers 15v1290 sluggers
Hammers 17v26Toyota
Hammers 10v4Ludwig’s
Hammers 20v1290 sluggers
Hammers 18v7Vaz drywall
Hammers 21v3Toyota
Hammers 9v15Drillers
Hammers 21v20Boston pizza
Hammers 8v9Koncir
Hammers 21v14Boston pizza
Hammers 7v0Boston pizza
Hammers 13v10Steelers
90 sluggers 17v20Toyota
Drillers 13v12Vaz drywall
Drillers 8v9Boston pizza
Drillers 17v10Boston pizza
Toyota 7v0Drillers
Toyota 13v12Koncir
Ludwig’s 20v20Koncir
90 sluggers 17v9Ludwig’s
90 sluggers 23v13Steelers
90 sluggers 12v13Drillers
90 sluggers 15v8Vaz drywall
90 sluggers 10v18Koncir
90 sluggers 3v11Boston pizza
90 sluggers 16v15Drillers
90 sluggers 17v16Toyota
90 sluggers 13v4Steelers
90 sluggers 19v10Ludwig’s
90 sluggers 10v10Koncir
90 sluggers 18v18Vaz drywall
90 sluggers 14v11Ludwig’s
90 sluggers 10v14Boston pizza
90 sluggers 7v0Toyota
90 sluggers 19v8Steelers
90 sluggers 19v18Drillers
Toyota 26v9Ludwig’s
Toyota 12v7Steelers
Boston pizza8v9Steelers
Drillers 13v7Vaz drywall
Koncir19v3Vaz drywall
Vaz drywall16v19Toyota
Vaz drywall28v14Ludwig’s
Vaz drywall12v20Koncir
Vaz drywall18v13Steelers
Vaz drywall4v17Boston pizza
Vaz drywall0v7Ludwig’s
Vaz drywall9v12Toyota
Vaz drywall5v9Steelers
Vaz drywall13v18Boston pizza
Vaz drywall6v14Drillers
Vaz drywall8v13Toyota
Vaz drywall23v24Ludwig’s
Drillers 15v2Ludwig’s
Koncir10v11Boston pizza
Drillers 20v14Steelers
Ludwig’s 29v37Boston pizza
Steelers 15v8Drillers
Steelers 11v21Toyota
Steelers 12v15Toyota
Ludwig’s 17v24Toyota
Boston pizza10v19Toyota
Drillers 23v16Ludwig’s
Boston pizza21v7Steelers
Drillers 23v23Boston pizza
Ludwig’s 18v9Koncir
Boston pizza21v10Koncir
Drillers 8v22Koncir
Ludwig’s 17v23Koncir
Ludwig’s 18v10Drillers
Boston pizza21v10Toyota
Drillers 27v12Steelers
Boston pizza27v7Steelers
Toyota 10v3Drillers
Boston pizza12v24Koncir

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