Shollym Liga Balkan

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1 Braco19 "Juventus430115699
2Anel89 "Chelsea"430112579
3samirzola "Real Madrid"42209548
4TonyMontana2 "Liverpool"42114407
5dzevad97 "Barcelona"42029546
6Vedo20 "Arsenal"42028806
7Ita_reus_11 "Borussia Dortmund"42027706
8Ismir_brate "PSG"420268-26
9slavisa1986"Manchester United"411257-24
10simeone "Manchester City"4112613-74
11Moke89 "Tottenham"410378-13
12vladimir1987 "Milan4013214-121
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Anel89 "Chelsea"0v3samirzola "Real Madrid"
simeone "Manchester City"0v4Moke89 "Tottenham"
Ita_reus_11 "Borussia Dortmund"4v2TonyMontana2 "Liverpool"
slavisa1986"Manchester United"3v0Ismir_brate "PSG"
Braco19 "Juventus5v1vladimir1987 "Milan
Vedo20 "Arsenal"2v1dzevad97 "Barcelona"
samirzola "Real Madrid"3v2Moke89 "Tottenham"
Ita_reus_11 "Borussia Dortmund"3v2Vedo20 "Arsenal"
Ita_reus_11 "Borussia Dortmund"0v2Ismir_brate "PSG"
Ita_reus_11 "Borussia Dortmund"0v1Anel89 "Chelsea"
Ismir_brate "PSG"1v3simeone "Manchester City"
Anel89 "Chelsea"7v0vladimir1987 "Milan
slavisa1986"Manchester United"1v5 Braco19 "Juventus
dzevad97 "Barcelona"0v1TonyMontana2 "Liverpool"
Vedo20 "Arsenal"2v1vladimir1987 "Milan
Anel89 "Chelsea"4v2 Braco19 "Juventus
Moke89 "Tottenham"1v2dzevad97 "Barcelona"
TonyMontana2 "Liverpool"1v0slavisa1986"Manchester United"
samirzola "Real Madrid"2v2simeone "Manchester City"
Moke89 "Tottenham"0v3 Braco19 "Juventus
TonyMontana2 "Liverpool"0v0vladimir1987 "Milan
Vedo20 "Arsenal"2v3Ismir_brate "PSG"
simeone "Manchester City"1v6dzevad97 "Barcelona"
slavisa1986"Manchester United"1v1samirzola "Real Madrid"

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