Shiplake Racquets Superleague

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Smiley face7610126567020
3Cannibal noises7601160847619
4Swedish Pencil750297762117
6Italian Coconut7403122913115
7Macro & Micro7403107763115
10Team Bill7205109111-211
11Wow I Think I Hate This Tournament710662146-849
12The Bashers702533154-1219
14I Hate Fixtures700734120-867
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Macro & Micro12v0I Hate Fixtures
Unloaded17v2Wow I Think I Hate This Tournament
Unloaded24v7Wow I Think I Hate This Tournament
Wow I Think I Hate This Tournament13v20Team Bill
Swedish Pencil22v15Team Bill
Swedish Pencil18v16Team Bill
Smiley face16v0The Bashers
Smiley face24v10Wow I Think I Hate This Tournament
Smiley face20v10Unloaded
ROFL6v6Smiley face
ROFL6v16Smiley face
ROFL7v26Smiley face
Mishboi20v5The Bashers
Mishboi6v6The Bashers
Mishboi30v9Wow I Think I Hate This Tournament
Macro & Micro8v15Swedish Pencil
Macro & Micro32v1The Bashers
Macro & Micro23v11Wow I Think I Hate This Tournament
Macro & Micro17v15ROFL
Italian Coconut19v14Unloaded
Italian Coconut17v18Smiley face
Italian Coconut12v6Swedish Pencil
Italian Coconut37v12The Bashers
I Hate Fixtures0v12Swedish Pencil
I Hate Fixtures10v20Mishboi
I Hate Fixtures11v16Italian Coconut
I Hate Fixtures0v12Team Bill
Gunter6v6The Bashers
Gunter13v7Italian Coconut
Gunter8v10Wow I Think I Hate This Tournament
Gunter25v15Team Bill
Gunter3v5Swedish Pencil
Cannibal noises20v10Mishboi
Cannibal noises15v12Macro & Micro
Cannibal noises37v3The Bashers
Cannibal noises16v15Team Bill
Cannibal noises22v19Swedish Pencil
Cannibal noises36v3I Hate Fixtures
!!!12v10I Hate Fixtures
!!!17v16Team Bill
!!!19v3Macro & Micro
!!!17v14Italian Coconut
!!!22v14Cannibal noises

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